Monday, May 23, 2005

Ten Minutes of Non-Stop Pat, No-Wait Delusions, and Leadoff Schmaltz: Pat Celebrating Pat Starts Tonight at 10

Questions we can't help but ask...

• Could Channel 6 promo Monday night's "look back" at "retiring" anchor Pat Persaud''s "career" any harder? We swear they were running that thing every six minutes all weekend. Every time we turned to 6, there she was.

• Are we the only ones who think it's kind of odd that she's narrating most of the promos about this alleged retirement? Why not just have her call it "Pat Persaud: A Celebration of ME!"?

• What's with her repreated thanking of everyone for their "support"? She said the same thing when she announced she was leaving. Support for what? And when? Knowing what we know of Queen Pat's "work," it's probably just a meaningless phrase that she thought sounded good.

• It seems strange that the shot of her sitting in the dark (see example at right) is the same sort of look you get when they're interviewing someone who doesn't want to be identified. Then again, if you were as piss-poor at your job as Pat has been at hers for the past five or ten years, you might want your identity protected, too.

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blogboy said...

It looks like Darth Vader is in town.Darth Pat.

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