Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Talk about taking one for the team...

So many potential cheap jokes, so little time. KM3 anchorman Greg Peterson offers himself up for probing tonight, but not in that way. In fact, it's pretty admirable: He begins a two-part series on colon cancer and, in the process, undergoes a colonoscopy himself.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., and experts contend that many of those deaths could be prevented if only more people would undergo the procedure.

Wow. What a novel concept. An anchor sacrificing his pride for something beyond ratings. Peterson could've taken the stunt route and had himself tasered for no particular reason (as WOWT's John Knicely did, not long ago), but instead, he chose to do a story on something that will actually affect more than a half-dozen viewers.

Granted, it's essentially a local version of the story Katie Couric did a couple of years ago, but stories like this probably can't be repeated often enough, given their life and death implications.


TVSheila said...

I've always ejoyed Rob McCartney's work and to hear that he's covering a very important story like this only makes me like him more.

Bored said...

hey tvsheila... the story was about Greg Peterson not Rob McCartney.

runbluffsrun said...

Can someone block tvsheila? This person is either a patsy or a moron, definately a moron, probably both. If I misspell anything, I'm only baiting you into an innane correction to prove your stupidity. It's a newsblog, not grammar class.

That said, bravo Peterson. I agree with the omanew-screw in that the piece has been done before, but the interviews turned this into something much better. It's one thing to say, 'hey, look at me, I'm being probed and you can too.' It's much heavier to show the consequences of not being probed, and the first interview was downright shocking in this regard.

Also, this post went up before the piece aired, as did tvsheila's stupidity. I simply ask, what's up with that?

TVSheila said...

Oop, sorry, I made a mistake. I guess I've joined a board where everyone else is perfect. Thanks for the words. I'll delete this from my 'favorites' list and will go away now.

Ted Brockman said...

If we've really lost tvsheila, that's unfortunate. I'm not sure why runbluffsrun feels the need to attack other posters, but if that's his/her m.o., then it'd be better for him/her to go away and we'll keep sheila.

As for whoever remains, let's tone down the anger level a little. Think before you post, okay?

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