Monday, May 23, 2005


WOWT's "retiring" "anchor" Pat Persaud paid loving tribute to herself Monday evening, narrating a retrospective that was every bit as free of substance as most of her "career" has been.

It's really amazing that someone could be at the anchor desk since 1992 and have so little to show for it. Based on the footage included, the highlight of her career appears to be one of the following:
• interviewing the family of a victim of Harold "Walkin' Willie" Otey at the time of his execution,
• Y2K,
• her "many family health reports,"
• a Red Cross blood drive,
• her wedding, or
• trotting her kids out at holiday time.

Those were the only stories in which we actually saw Queen Pat reporting. While she made reference to everything from the 1986 mayoral recall to 9/11, she was conspicuously absent from the coverage of anything significant.

It must be a bit sad to sift through nearly 20 years of news coverage and realize you were involved in so little of the important stuff.


Cogitor said...

I am no fan of Pat's work, especially of late, but I have not been as quick to slam her on every occasion as you. That may change, and it may change soon. I was sorry to hear that it is time for Pat to "start saying her good-byes" on Monday. Isn't Friday her last day? How many goodbyes must one say before exiting? NBC hyped Brokaw's retirerment to death, but even they didn't have him narrating his own retrospective through chocked-back tears every bloody night for the last week he was on the air. I'm sure Pat's "retirement" is a big step in her life, and it will be a big change for the people she's worked with around the station for 19 years. They should celebrate it. But no one needs to celebrate this much, and they don't need to include the viewers. We want news coverage, and continued coverage of Pat's retirement doesn't qualify. Quite frankly, no one's 19 years in this market is cause for anything more than a short thank-you speech at the last broadcast, least of all Pat Persaud's. Please.

gerrishnut said...

From What I've heard nobody wanted to have anything on-camera to do with her departure.

She's a hack and Omaha's better for her being gone.

It's time for more Courtny Gerrish, in my opinion.

Cogitor said...

OK Courtny. ; )

OldSchoolNews said...

For those with memory of the 1980's, it's fair and accurate to say that Pat had little or nothing of value to contribute to reporting on the mayor's recall... or much of anything else.

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