Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pat Who?

A very alert reader reports that by 11:30 Wednesday night, newly "retired" anchor Pat Persaud's picture was off the "Meet the WOWT Team!" page, replaced by Tracy Madden's, and Pat's bio was no longer among those on the site.

If actions speak louder than words, then break out the earplugs. The folks at WOWT are itchin' to move on.


janetdoe said...

John Clark (news dir) and Frank Jonas (gm) are the ones so eager and ready to move on to Tracy and erase Persuad's memory. Neither one has too many years left in the business and they are very pissed off the "she would do this" to them. They would have much preferred to keep the Pat & John team intact until they (Clark & Jonas)retire.

By the way, the Deyo interview with McGuire was interesting to watch. The guy is a convicted criminal with highly violent tendencies, but he came off as very charming and easy-going. For a pkg they were so proud of, though, KETV's editing was a little choppy and sloppy on the story. Deyo's multiple location standups were good, and it's further evidence that she can seem attractive AND authoritative/intelligent if she has an endless number of takes and she has scripted excactly what she will say. Turn off the prompter and ask her to just "be herself" and ad lib, and that's where it all breaks down for her and so many other reporters trying to be or become anchors.

A good reporter does not make for a good anchor. On the other hand, someone who is a good anchor should be appreciated for that skill whether or not she or he has ever been a GA reporter or babysat a standoff in the freezing cold all night.

Back to the Deyo/McGuire story -- the story was SO LONG because of the weird format of the Ch 7 news Wed. night. They had time to kill, but the content was interesting enough that you didn't mind the length. There are tons of other stories that would benefit greatly (and the viewer as well) if the reporter were given more than 1:15 for a pkg time to give more background and detail. You can't do it on every story, but almost always having no more than 1:30 (producer freaking out... 1:30!!!???? Can't you make it shorter?!?!?!? I'll have to kill your tag.) makes it difficult to really get the story told. Sure, it can be done, out of need, but the viewer gets shortchanged. The point is that there are many more times when a newscast and the viewers would be better served by having a higher quality longer story in the newscast and less quantity just for quantity's sake, and not only when you have a special format like KETV ran to counter the Persuad retirement.

Midtown said...

I agree whole heartly about the Deyo package. When I first heard it was more than six minutes long I was like dude that is just silly... make that thing 2 parts. Then I watched it. It was by far the best job of story telling Deyo has ever done. The package was well thought out and had very few references to "I or me", which is quite a change for the Deyo.
As for Persaud's retirement... I have always believed the only way to properly retire from the TV buiness is to stand up at the end of the newscast and say... "I got go bitches, it's been a barrel of fuckin' monkeys." Then you are *offically* retired.

How about some props for the work Trisha Meuret does everyday. The package she did with the sister of Danny Harris was very good and I didn't see anything like it on any of the other channels.

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