Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pat Speaks

Leave it to WOWT's most visible developmental reader, Pat Persaud, to have trouble showing up for an interview.

Sean Weide reports that the slippery "retiring" anchor had to "delay an interview request so she could get her children signed up for swimming and tennis lessons." What a pro. A full account of Weide's talk with Queen Pat appears in this week's Reader.

So she can't keep an interview appointment. She has trouble working more than about three days in a row. And, as someone deftly noted in a recent comment/post, it's obvious that she's seeing her copy for the first time when she reads it on air. What, he wonders, does she do all day? Besides signing her kids up for lessons, of course. (In the aforementioned article, she claims to work from 2:00 to 10:30 p.m.)

Even if she had been asked to take a 50 percent pay cut, Persaud should have jumped on any contract she was offered. Where else could she work about 93 minutes a day, be embarrasingly bad at her job, and indulge in seemingly unlimited sick time? Her gig makes the late Dean Martin's work schedule look grueling. (For those of you too young to remember: Dino was legendary for refusing to rehearse, showing up only for the taping of his show on Sunday afternoon, doing just one take, and vacating NBC studios in Burbank via helicopter before the credits were finished rolling.)

This much is certain: glum-faced Pat will never have it this easy again. Her stupid career move, however, is Omaha television's gain. After today, only eight days left in her "career."


Will said...

I'll have to cut Persaud a little slack on missing her appointment with "The Reader." If I had a conflict between getting interviewed by a weekly newspaper or doing something nice for my kids, the bar rag would have to wait, I'm afraid.

Ted Brockman said...

If you're a professional and courteous, does it really matter who the appointment is with? If you committed to do the interview you honor the commitment. It's unlikely that that was the only (or first) time available for her to sign the kids up for lessons. But wait—professionalism?—um, I forgot...we're talking about Queen Pat. Never mind.

Luke said...

"I've done it all."

Does that include releasing turkeys from the top of the Channel 6 building?

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