Thursday, May 26, 2005

Our Long Local Nightmare Is Over

For those of you who missed it, Channel 6's Wednesday night sendoff for "retiring" anchor Pat Persaud—the final installment, that is—was about as forced as one might expect, given that hardly anyone seemed to genuinely care that she was departing.

The last stanza began five or ten minutes into the newscast, as had episodes one and two on Monday and Tuesday. Surprisingly, there were no tears, save for those Queen Pat shed at a newsroom gathering taped earlier in the day. Footage of that scene looked like something straight out of NBC's "The Office," with seven or eight staffers standing in a semi-circle outside their cubicles and looking both uncomfortable and only mildly interested. Less enthusiastic clapping you've never seen.

Meanwhile, back in the studio, as two or three uncredited staff members schlepped in balloons, Pat's longtime co-anchor, John Knicely spent an awkward minute or so babbling about Pat's upbringing (daughter of a Lutheran minister, of Indian descent, immigrated from Guyana when she was eight) and struggling mightily to say something nice about her. As he remarked that the influence of her family was clear, Pat interrupted, saying "I think I had a little something to do with that." We still don't know what she meant by it, but it appeared to be an attempt to make sure that no one else got credit for her accomplishments. It was one of the broadcast's strangest exchanges.

Shortly thereafter, Knicely summoned Pat's husband, Fremont dentist Lumir John Drahota, and their two kids, Zachary and Megan, in from an adjoining studio. The trio ambled in uncomfortably, eventually taking meteorologist Jim Flowers' seat next to Pat, where they stayed—without uttering so much as a word—for the remainder of the program. We're props again, they must've been thinking to themselves.

The presentation of gifts included Knicely giving Pat the box she had stood on whenever she was photographed next to him over the years, a cake from sports anchor Dave Webber, and a framed carricature of the SixNews anchor team. Predictably, Pat giggled a lot, in lieu of coherent remarks.

Thus ended the Persaud era at Channel 6.

Tracy Madden takes over Thursday evening.

Long live the new queen.


bandit75 said...

Thank God nothing was going on in the world yesterday so 6 could devote twenty minutes of bs to the "small wonder". Did anyone see Gary Kerr at her party? I wonder if Flowers will wear a black flower tonight as the old guard is dying. I'm glad I was out of town for the better part of the week and missed the other two days of "Pat is awesome week". Thank you Tracy Madden, please deliver us from stupidity. Now to get rid of that giant nozzle Knicely. He was so far up Pat's ass last night it was hard to tell where Pat ended and John began.

gerrishnut said...

That shit was painful to watch last night. Nobody cares about Hack Persaud and her friggin family.

And why does Dave Webber still have a job on TV? You would think the guy was at a Husker football game the way he was holding the fake tears as he presented that twerp with her goofy looking cake.

I don't see Madden as much of a step up, buy as long as we're all piling on Pat I might as well too.

Good Bye Hack.

King Vernon said...

I have a problem with Pat saying she is Indian. Indians are from India not South America, coouldn't she have metioned what nation tribe she was from?

papiopete said...

king vernon,

Pat's parents are from India and later become missionaries to South America. Her ethnicity would be Indian.

ptg said...

I heard that Channel 6 was preparing a four hour long retrospective of Pat's life, to be shown in installments like a mini-series. Auditions are being held in secret to select an actress to portray Pat's years among the Indian missionaries.

Ted Brockman said...

Perhaps after that we'll have "Pat! The Musical."

gradstudent said...

Dave Webber is probably the most popular media person in Oma. He never turns down an outside gig, is very intelligent and is a super nice guy.
You can't touch Webber. He rocks!

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