Monday, May 23, 2005

On the Positive Side, There's Tracy

Footage near the end of Channel 6's 10 p.m. news on Monday featured the station's "all-star" softball team playing at a benefit for Children's Hospital. Among those playing were the heir to Queen Pat's throne, Tracy Madden, who played the good sport and took at least one turn at bat.

While the evidence suggests that she's not much of a softball player, it seems pretty clear that she intends to depart from the "too tight-assed for this room" personna perfected by Queen Pat and Julie Cornell. The dawn of the Madden era looks promising indeed.


omatvwatcher said...

Channel Six routinely displays brilliant new ways to suck day in and day out. I love how their weekend morning show is the first to cover an overnight homicide in the area...and then lead with weather! And I'm not talking about severe weather, they actually lead with weather with average temperatures, no rain, and then non-witty/witty banter for another thirty seconds between McMaster and Born. When that coffee shop was shot up, that was a big story. Numerous kids were hurt, and it happened well after the late news. You can't tease something that big off the top of a show, and then talk about meaningless BS for a minute or longer. If there were other morning shows on at the same time, I would have tuned out a long time ago.

Lapping ItUP said...

Speaking as someone who sat next to her in the newsroom for months, (and got the benefit of her coldness on-air and off!) I don't doubt that no one wanted anything to do with her on the air. She never wanted much to do with her coworkers, or anyone else in Omaha.

There was the time she snubbed the Arbor Day Foundation, telling them that their function was the same weekend as her birthday and she "didn't want to spend her birthday with them."

And the time that the wives of local dentists called and asked for a tour of the station, since Pat's then-new husband was a dentist. She turned 'em down flat.

I sat next to her for months and answered dozens of her phone calls. During that same time, she picked up ONE of mine... by accident. My gracious, how that must have wounded her pride... answering someone else's call.

The only comfort I took was that when she moved out of that desk, the ND had me moved over. It was FILTHY. And in cleaning it, I discovered a copy of her original audition tape. She has come a long way, but that really is not saying much.

janetdoe said...

It would be great to see who everyone posting on this blog actually is, because you know it's 99% people that work for one of the four stations.

Are there really ANY main anchors in omaha that directors or video tape operators or camera operators or other crew members really LIKE? Of course not. We're all jealous of them or dislike the on-camera people because we know that we have the really critical jobs that get newscasts on the air, while they make more money, and keep forgetting to remember our names.

Anyway, in the next few weeks, WOWT debuts the latest members of its "I'd love to work in Omaha for $30K per year club." Des Moines castoff Sheila Brummer takes over the 4pm anchor spot, and Jim Sidlesomething from the metropolis of Joplin Missouri joins Daybreak. Brian New, Paul Baltes, Andrea McMaster, Michael Borne -- all prime examples of what you get when you are either forced to dial back on the salaries, or figure that you are such a great news director and judge of talent that you can make chicken salad out of chickenshit.

Add to that a serious run on fresh-off-the-truck production staff members (all struggling to deal with a new tapeless newscast system that causes more problems than it is worth), and Channel 6 is not just headed for second place. The WOWT news operation is in serious trouble. Soon, Dave Webber will be too old and fat and bald and clueless to keep on the air. Then, all you will have is Knicley and Flowers left from the "glory days".

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