Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not Over 'Til the Short Lady Sings

What was billed all weekend as a Monday night event—"Pat Persaud: A Look Back"—has mutated into a series. WOWT's website features a crawl saying, "Tomorrow she says goodbye...Join Channel 6 as we look back on Pat's career...'Pat Persaud: A Look Back', Tonight at 10 only on Channel 6 News."

As one of our readers commented on another post, Pat's 19 years at Channel 6 warrants maybe thirty seconds of remarks on the final broadcast, not days of self-congratulatory rhapsodizing about how great she's been. Give us the news and spare us the home-video-worthy scrapbook and orgy of remeniscence.

Queen Pat's exit looks more and more like the work of a communty theater actor milking his death scene for all it's worth—dragging things out far longer than either necessary or tasteful. If there are tears in viewers' eyes when she finally hangs it up on Wednesday night, they won't be shed in empathy; they'll be the result convulsive laughter at self-important Pat's vainglorious stab at significance.


OldSchoolNews said...

So do the management stiffs running WOWT actually think that the Persaud-a-thon will actually attract viewers? "Golly, I've never watched Channel 6 before, but I saw the promo on Law & Order. I'd better tune in to see what I've missed!" Even if you DO like Pat as an anchor, why does anyone think this is "must see WOWT?" (And I don't recall Channel 6 having such a nice send off for Pete Citron).

omatvwatcher said...

Another thing that's got me this week. Both six and seven are boasting the old "jailhouse interviews" with criminals like Ivan Henk and Maguire, the guy who escaped from Tecumseh a year and a half ago. All week, they promote these guys like it's the latest episode of Law and Order. Does anyone really need or want to hear from these scumbags?

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