Friday, May 27, 2005

New Front Pushes Out Stale Air

Good Golly, is Tracy Madden rising to the occasion or what?

Wednesday's newscasts featuring Madden revealed a stepped-up confidence and presence that will serve the station well if it continues. Madden was gracious, funny, quick on her feet, and warm—a refershing change from her predecessor. It was nice to see someone who seemed to want to be there.

At 10 p.m., both John Knicely and sports anchor Dave Webber presented Madden with gifts and welcomed her to her new role. Madden seemed genuinely touched, even blushing when Knicely placed his gift bag on the desk between them.

And then there are the new Tracy promos the station is running. Featuring interesting camera angles and editing, they show Madden talking about her view of the news. Perhaps the most impressive thing in them is when she says something like, "If people are giving us 30 minutes of their time, we owe them our best effort."

Now there's an idea. Let's hope her attitude is contagious.

Welcome, Tracy, indeed.


the_s_man said...

well this must be the tracy madden fan club..nice objective journalism at its best..

Ted Brockman said...

Umm, who said this was journalism? This is a flippin' blog, you nitwit. We make no claim of objectivity. It's all about what we like (or don't like). Yes, there is occasionally some reportage that shows up here, but that's purely incidental. So get your shorts unbundled or go elsewhere.

gradstudent said...

Hey the s man, have you noticed that Brockman gets pretty sensitive when the tables are turned? Objective, he isn't. Negative and slanderous, he sure is! But then again, what else does a grunt production staffer do w/ his time?

the_s_man said...

yea he likes to bad mouth julie cornell a lot..just nit picking is basically all this blog is..hes really got too much time on his hands

gradstudent said...

I've posted several comments on this site but Brockman has blown them away. They get removed in less than an hour!
Hey Brockman, don't you have a day job? Hummm, wonder what your media-employer would say if you were caught managing your blog on company time. But then again schlep production jobs are a dime a dozen...

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