Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Lloyd Christmas Award for Dumb Remarks

As if to remind us that only half of Omaha's stupidest anchor team is "retiring," WOWT's John Knicely has been getting extra airtime the past couple of weeks, filling in on "Live at Four" for Brian Mastre, who is keeping the "Live at Daybreak" seat next to Malorie Maddox warm during May sweeps.

During Tuesday's broadcast, viewers were treated to the following display of Knicely's trademark ability to say words that add absolutely nothing to the mix:

Tracy Madden: "Keep it tuned right here for a rundown of this week's best buys."

Knicely: "A complete rundown!"

Thanks, John.

Up until now, Pat Persaud's stumbling and bumbling performance has served Knicely well, making him look smooth by comparison. It'll be interesting to see how he'll do when he has a fully functioning co-anchor next to him. If what we've seen on the 4 p.m. cast is any indication, things don't look promising.

Footnote: In that "Best Buys" segment, The Heartland's News Leader reported that Bag 'n' Save is selling Boneless Beef Rump Roast for $1.77 a pound, and Chubb's has Jumbo Hot Dogs for just 99¢!

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Luke said...

I think during sweeps they should include "Best Buys" of area adult stores.

"At Dr. John's, imported brass ben-wa balls are only $14.99. At the Adult XXX Barn at the Greenwood exchange on I-80, the new release, 'Backdoor Corn Maidens,' is free with the weekly menege trois special. Lap dances are still $5.00 at the 20's."

Not that I would know any of this.


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