Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Let the Sickening, Self-Aggrandizing Retrospective Bullshit Promos Begin

We're really lucky these didn't start sooner. WOWT has started running promos in which the "retiring" "anchor" Pat Persaud proclaims that her "time at Channel 6 will soon come to an end." Pat oozes platitudes for another 30 seconds or so while a v-roll montage shows us Pat over the past 19 years and dozens of hairstyles (mullets included).

At one point declaring, "I've done it all!", Pat seems to fancy herself a broadcast legend in the mold of Barbara Walters and Jane Pauley. Who's going to break it to her that she's more likely to be compared with Les Nessman and Ron Burgundy?

One week from tonight, the milk crate goes into mothballs and the nightmare comes to a merciful (and probably maudlin) end.

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