Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Is Morningside Really a College?

One concern we have about newly hired anchor/reporter Sheila Brummer: she is a graduate of Morningside College. Now, we hate to impugn the reputation of a school, but TV news in Omaha has not exactly had the best luck with Morningside alums. KETV's multiply-challenged webmistress Shiloh Woolman claims to have a degree from there, as does WOWT anchor hobbyist Pat Persaud.

Apparently a Morningside education doesn't prepare you to check facts, for example. On Wednesday's 10 p.m. news, Persaud finished a story about proposed changes to the FDIC by noting that it was established "after the depression" to protect depositors from losing their money. However, devoting 30 seconds to a Google search would have shown Pat that the FDIC was actually established in 1934—smack-dab in the middle of the Great Depression.

But why would someone who can't seem to read her copy before going on the air bother with such details? Someone put it in front of her (or she dreamed it up) and she read it.

If Brummer is as annoying as Woolman or as lazy as Persaud, someone needs to see what the hell's going on at Morningside.


RogerJohnson said...

don't forget about WOWT's John Chapman as well as the Chief of Police in Omaha, Tom Warren, all fine products of Morningside U!

Will said...

Persaud's error regarding the FDIC is pretty much what I'd expect from most of the reporters in town.

I'm not all that anti-Pat, but I have to wonder, given that she is clearly seeing her copy for the first time while she's on the air, what exactly she does all day

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