Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Investigative Sweeps

'Tis the season to "investigate." At least that's how May sweeps seem to be shaping up for Channels 6 & 7. On Sunday night, WOWT's Brian Mastre dug into teen driving dangers, and Tuesday night, we're promised a Tracy Madden investigation into victims of meth.

Over at KETV, Sunday night's focus was real estate inspectors referred by agents, with Carol Kloss, who appears to have misplaced her trusty leather jacket, doing the legwork. To her credit, Kloss' report actually seemed newsworthy; to what extent can you trust an inspector whose primary qualification is that he paid the real estate agent a $2500 fee to get business directed his way? It was a question worthy of viewers' time.

For the most part, however, these "investigations" tend to look like little more than high school research paper topics. How much "investigation" does it take to pull up a few statistics on teenage drivers and then interview a couple of victims or parents of victims? The same goes for the meth story.

If all these wannabe gumshoes are more than you can stomach, don't forget there's Channel 3, which deliberately avoids these overhyped stunt stories. Watching them, even if just for a month, would be a nice reward for their willingness to forego the circus that 6 & 7 seem hell-bent on manufacturing.

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