Monday, May 23, 2005

Investigation Log: Sweeps Edition (Updated)

Here are the "investigations" we've been treated to so far during the May sweeps. We'll update it as warranted. If there's one we've missed, drop us an email.

May 1:
KETV, Carol Kloss, Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors
WOWT, Brian Mastre, Teen Driving Dangers
KPTM, Dave Hansen, Cold Case Files (ongoing)

May 2:
KPTM, Hansen, Meth-Related Health Care in Prison

May 3:
WOWT, Tracy Madden, Meth Dangers
KPTM, Reporter Uknown, Meth Costs Small Counties

May 4:
KETV, Rob McCartney, DNA Testing
KPTM, Dave DeJohn, Cleaning Up after Meth

May 5:
WOWT, Courtny Gerrish, Kids' Instant Messaging "Codes"
KETV, Kloss, Termite Inspectors
KPTM, Elizabeth Merriman, Educating the Public About Meth

May 6:
KPTM, Jo Giles, Meth Orphans

May 8:
KETV, Mike Sigmond, Playing with Lead (no mention of Suzanne Deyo or Andrea Bredow.)
WOWT, Mike McKnight, Some kid lost $20 while in jail

May 9:
KPTM, Hansen, Addicted to Porn
WOWT, Brian New, Tracking Sex Offenders

May 11:
KPTM, Amanda Mueller, Sex Offenders in Hiding
KETV, Jon Schuetz, Knee Therapy

May 12:
WOWT, McKnight, Compensation Investigation (all about guys who drive those giant pickups)

May 15:
KETV, Sigmond, Mystery Shoppers
WOWT, John Knicely, Pawn Detectives

May 16:
WOWT, Smollen, Copper Capers (Copper stolen from eight locations. Gary has a map!)
WOWT, McKnight, Elusive Tickets (Some guy had trouble with TicketMaster, to which we say, "take a number, pal.")

May 17:
WOWT, Rebecca Kleeman, Termites Cause Damage (Gasp!)

May 18:
KETV, Kloss, Rapist on Trial

May 19:
WOWT, Madden, Married Without Children
WOWT, Gary Johnson, Mold, Mildew, and Slime in OHA Apartments

May 22:
KETV, Julie Cornell, Abstinence

May 23:
WOWT, Kleeman, Mediums in the Heartland
WOWT, Pat Persaud (or so it seems), Pat Persaud: A Look Back (The remarkable story of how someone who has difficulty reading a teleprompter could get a lead anchor job and hold it for over a decade. Finally, a story worth investigating!)

May 24:
KETV, Kloss, Interview with a Despicable Piece of Shit (Ivan Henk)

May 25:
KETV, Suzanne Deyo, Four Days on the Run (Interview w/prison escapee Michael McGuire)


TVSheila said...

Actually, Dave Hansen's 'Cold Case' reports on KPTM have been pretty interesting...

ChickMick said...

OMG... I prefer a poke in the eye with a sharp stick... no wonder I get all my news from TnT & The Daily Show... aaaargh... and why haven't you mentioned channel 3's annual $10K giveaway??? It's SWEEPS! Yee HAW! I'm leaving town...

RogerJohnson said...

Rob McCartney did the DNA package, and now they are promoing, "Playing With Lead". I think it is Sunday night. Former sports guy, Mike Sigmond, is reporting about lead on playgrounds and how all kids are going to die!

Will said...

Maybe WOWT should look to radioland and consider adopting a "Morning Zoo" format for it's early news. Prank phone calls, foul noises and other in-your-face antics.

They've already, as we lawyers say, opened the door by giving away Paul McCarney tickets during their evening news.

RogerJohnson said...

Saturday night, KOCO(Oklahoma City) reporter, Kevin Tomich(Formerly of KETV), had a piece air on Channel 7. It was an investigation on "How to Survive a plane crash". Are things that bad that KETV has to have their sister stations send up packages now?

kentbrockman said...

KE is owned by Hearst-Argyle Television. HTV provides all it's stations with a fully staffed news bureau in Washington and a connection to many other HTV stations, including #1 stations in Des Moines and Kansas City. Having the best ownership in the Midwest is a competitive advantage, not a sign the "things are that bad" as rogerjohnson suggests.

omatvwatcher said...

Anyone catch Hansen's porno package last night? That was a tad bit over the top...

Will said...

Sex, Drugs and (WOWT McCarney giveawy) Rock and Roll!

Yay Sweeps!!!

TVSheila said...

Yea, I saw Dave Hansen's porno piece. You thought it was 'over the top'? I thought it was good-although a bit heavy for local news. It would have made a great '20/20' piece. I haven't read a lot of comments about it so I don't think it really caused a big stir...

Bored said...

I would say getting suspended from the job would be a big stir.

papiopete said... me out. Dave got suspended for this ?

Bored said...

apparently... from one of the other posts:

"Midtown said...
It was good to hear a suspension coming out of that Hansen porn package... it was out of hand."

I didn't see the package, now I wish I had, but from what I hear it was pretty graphic package and nothing was blurred.

TVSheila said...

Wow-Dave Hansen was suspended for that? I didn't know that. That's really not fair because the station would have to approve that
package first, wouldn't they? How long did they suspend him for? I saw him on a live shot last night.

pia said...

Not sure how long the suspension but I heard that too. He was late putting it together and NO..nobody proofed went straight on air!

Bored said...

May 11th John Schuetz ketv's sports guru did a sweeps piece on preventing knee injurys (for high school athletes i believe)

pia said...

Another piece KETV promoted was Ivan Henk, 10pm 5-24 Kloss was the reporter. Wow! What powerful visuals. I heard 6 got wind of it and beat em' to the punch in an early newscast.

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