Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Great Scott! Sunday Night's All Right for Fighting in KC, Too

Talk about convergence. We were just writing about the local trend toward placing primary anchor teams on Sunday night duty during sweeps periods (if two stations doing something constitutes a trend). And it wasn't too long ago that we mentioned former KETV and KMTV anchor Michael Scott.

Lo and behold, Aaron Barnhart's article in Wednesday's Kansas City Star reveals that the Sunday night phenomenon is happening in that market too. The station starting the trend in KC last year was CBS affiliate KCTV, which is now home to—you guessed it—Michael Scott.

Not convinced about the convergence theory yet? Scott's station bills itself as "Live. Late Breaking. Investigative." Oy. Again with the "investigative."

Maybe this isn't so much convergence as an example of what they warn you about when you play Donkey Basketball. The first instruction they give you is that if one donkey drops a load, you're to get your donkey to the other end of the floor, so that he doesn't get a whiff of it. Because as soon as they smell the sweet aroma of excrement, all the other donkeys follow suit.
KMBC Sends A Team to Sundays [Kansas City Star]

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omatvwatcher said...

They've done the Sunday through Thursday thing for years in Oklahoma City. After all, no one's around Friday night to watch the news, so why would you schedule your A talent for that day?

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