Monday, May 23, 2005

Counterprogramming Against Pat's Retirement, Step 3: Ditch the Commercials

While "retiring" anchor Pat Persaud wallows in self-congratulatory monkeyshit and (probably) sobs off into the sunset, Channel 7 is airing its 10 p.m. Wednesday newscast commercial-free.

This is supposedly "Plan B" for Wednesday. There was talk of having anchor Julie Cornell and her husband, Chief Meteorologist Bill Randby, spend the whole 35 minutes doing the horizontal mambo on the anchor desk, as a follow-up to Julie's Sunday-Monday sex series.

It seems the idea lost momentum when everyone got a little too creeped out by reporter Tom Elser's insistence that he be appointed "lubrication engineer" and allowed to wear a swimming cap for the evening. At least that's what we've heard; it could just be a wild story someone made up.

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