Wednesday, May 25, 2005

And Now, The End Is Near

In Part 2 of "Things I Love About Me," Pat Persaud on Tuesday evening presented clips of herself just giggling and giggling. Boy could she giggle.

The interesting thing is that all the clips of her cracking herself up appeared to be at least seven or eight years old. No fun since then, Pat?

God only knows what we'll get tonight. Promos are calling this final installment, "Pat Persaud: Saying Goodbye."

And good riddance. It's long overdue.


Cogitor said...

I had to change the channel last night, as I almost crippled myself from the knee-slapping. I haven't laughed so hard since I don't know when. Grapefruits...still brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.

Wow, sad goodbyes Monday night, uncontrollable laughter last night, and a guaranteed, heart-wrenching sob-fest tonight. Live and late-breaking. I'm spent. It promises to be an emotional rollercoaster too intense even for Lifetime.

Thank God today's the last bleeding day. I hope Knicely's practicing up on calling Tracy Madden by both her first and last names.

Will said...

What really sucks about this is I'm out of town on business and haven't been able to see any of these hilarious hijinks.

C'est la vie.

King Vernon said...

They ran the commercial on Discovery, what the heck is that about. Spending some money with cox.

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