Wednesday, May 25, 2005

All Deyo Long

Meanwhile, over at Channel 7, they've decided to hype the hell out of Suzanne Deyo's interview with prison escapee Michael Maguire.

We're not sure why, but someone over there thinks viewers will be flocking to their TVs to see this guy. So they had Deyo up and in the studio to preview the piece on Wednesday's morning show.

And, of course, tonight's broadcast is commercial-free.

We're all for trying to blunt the impact of the "retirement" orgy over at Channel 6, but maybe the best way to do that would be to offer viewers a regular newscast that's free of the crap they'll witness if they watch 6 tonight. After all, those who flip are probably looking for just that: the news, the whole news, and nothing but the news.

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omatvwatcher said...

What will channel 3 do to keep up with the hype?
Will they promo that one of their reporters will die in a horrific accident...who will survive? Watch at ten and find out, for whatever that's worth. Maybe leave a nice cliffhanger for next sweeps.

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