Friday, April 15, 2005

You Can't Stop Her; You Can Only Hope to Contain Her

Even the most dogged efforts of her Channel 6 co-workers were no match for scrappy part-time anchor Pat Persaud (and/or the incessant high-voiced whining of meteorologist Jeff Jensen). After four days of anchoring, Persaud, who appears determined to use up every second of sick time accumulated over her 19 years at the station, escaped from the studio and took Friday off. Heir presumptive Tracy Madden subbed, as usual.

In all seriousness, WOWT management should bring an end to this on-again/off-again nonsense, and spare us the charade of the overblown send-off that's likely to come in May. Since announcing her "retirement" at the end of February, Omaha's tiniest anchor seems to have been absent from the desk more than she's been present. It would seem to be in the station's interest to get on with the switch and allow the audience to get accustomed to Madden on a regular basis before the May sweeps period begins. If Pat insists on showing up (which seems unlikely), stick her on the midday cast, have her voice a few of her pathetic "Family Health" pieces and send her home to Lumir and the kids.

If anyone needed evidence that her exit is anything but voluntary, these sporadic appearances would seem seal the case. People leaving of their own volition don't typically take 16 of 22 workdays off just weeks before they exit. It appears that the final two months of Pat's career will reflect the same lackluster approach and underwhelming engagement we've sufferred through for the past five years. This is the television equivalent of a long, lingering death—sad and painful to watch. Somebody needs to pull the plug.


Luke said...

"...send her home to Lumir..."

What, exactly, are you saying here? I certainly hope you're not making a joke about her ethnicity and using an Indian-sounding name to be funny.

Ted Brockman said...

That's her husband's name.

opiemelville said...

"send her home to Lumir" IS a racist comment. Her husband's name is not Lumir. The oma news crew just revealed something themselves. So much for critique of Omaha television news

ChickMick said...

Actually, according to google his name is Lumir Drahota and he's a dentist... unless you have other information Opiemelville, I believe oma news crew is correct...

Ted Brockman said...

Thank you, chickmick. The only thing we've revealed here is that no matter where you go or what you do in America today, you can always find someone who's waiting for the opportunity to be offended and outaged. The victim mentality is alive and well, even among readers of this humble blog.

The fact of the matter is that the man IS named Lumir, as are his father and numerous other relatives. How that constitutes racism is beyond us.

The implication in the hysterical responses seems to be that journalists who aren't white can't be criticized. If you'll notice, however, Suzanne Deyo, Andrea McMaster, and Travis Justice--frequent targets of pretty brutal reviews here--are all about as white as you can get.

Nope, opiemelville, we aren't picking at Pat because of her race. We're picking at Pat because her work sucks, and now, because she barely shows up to do it. You need to find something else to be outaged about, because there's no racism here.

opiemelville said...

oma news crew

I stand corrected. I understand Pat's husband's name really is Lumir.
As Emily Litella used to say on Saturday Night Live -- "never mind".

Luke said...

I seriously thought the guy's name was Steve or Ted or Chuck or something incredibly plain, at least, that's the way he looks.

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