Monday, April 18, 2005

Weekend Notes

• In a move that could have a significant impact on local TV news ratings, ABC is almost certain to end its 35-year run as THE place to see football on Monday nights. While it's been talked about for months, it now seems all but a done deal. [TV Week]
• Are we the only ones who are more than a little creeped out every Sunday at 10:25 or so when Ross Jernstrom teases for his "Sunday Sports Extra" show by saying, "and I go one-on-one with [insert name of interviewee here]"? Ross always seems just a little more excited about it than might be considered healthy.
• We've been meaning to mention it since she was keeping the KPTM anchor seat warm for Tracy Jacim: Amanda Mueller is a very good anchor. Before Jacim's arrival, we couldn't figure out why Mueller didn't get the weeknight spot permanently. With both now on board, maybe 42 should follow the lead of "Saturday Night Live" and go with a two-female-anchor arrangement.
• The best weekend anchor in town, Channel 3's Sarah Simmons, was off this weekend and boy did it show. Devon Patton was left to solo, and it wasn't pretty. When he first arrived, he appeared adequate to the task, but subsequent weeks have dulled our enthusiasm for him. This weekend's solo shot confirmed our opinion that Simmons is carrying him.
• We're starting to think it's a Morningside College thing: WOWT weekend sports anchor John Chapman couldn't seem to figure out a "yards-per-carry" statistic during the 5 p.m. cast on Sunday. He made several attempts at it, always deferring to what he said he had been told by others, but he seemed baffled by the entire concept. Wouldn't it have been a good idea to do the math before going on the air?
• Congratulations to KETV Consumer Reporter Mike Sigmond, whose engagement announcement appeared in yesterday's newspaper.


Luke said...

re: John Chapman.

Years and years ago, I was invited to a luncheon for NE football boosters. Evidently the money they pour into the program means (meant) the coaches would come out and talk even during the very busy season. The media was allowed to be there, but couldn't record the speeches.

Anyway, McBride was talking about Trev Alberts and made a very specific comment about Alberts's abilities and what made him a top NFL prospect.

That evening, a sports journalist repeated the comment verbatim, but as his own analysis. No reference such as "Coach McBride says..." or anything.

Never in the history of TV has a sports journalist given his own analysis. Anything they say that isn't a solid, empiracle fact is gleened information from a more knowledgeable source.

Ted Brockman said...

But for cryin' out loud—this was Yards-Per-Carry. Get out a flippin' calculator and divide the number of yards gained by the number of carries. And do it before the red light comes on. It's not like he was trying figure out an ERA.

Luke said...

Right, I'm agreeing with you: They don't know squat, can't analyze squat and can't deliver even the most fundamental information unless it's given to them on a silver platter.

Evidently some waterboy taking stats didn't turn over his paperwork in time and vital analysis of the aforementioned calculation could not be "acquisitioned" for prime time regurgitation.

janetdoe said...

Devon supposedly worked in Charlotte and Philly. Those are some pretty good-sized TV markets. If you have been in a top 30 and a top 5 and are a good-looking minority male, why do you go to Omaha? His agent must have told him that he needed to get on an anchor desk SOMEWHERE to get some reps and to make a real audition tape or real air work with him on the desk. What good does this do KMTV? If he somehow gets a lot better suddenly, then he will bolt ASAP. But, seriously, what exactly did he DO in the Philadelphia market? That's the big leagues, and he is still playing sandlot ball. Although the ladies all agree, he's not bad to look at. Single?

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