Monday, April 04, 2005

Weekend Musings

Brandi Petersen anchored the Friday night's 10 o'clock news on Channel 7, while Rob McCartney and Julie Cornell were off hosting an Easter Seals benefit. Can anyone explain why Suzanne Deyo has an anchor assignment and Petersen doesn't? Using Deyo instead of Petersen is like casting Pauly Shore for the lead in a film over Tom Hanks; it should be a no-brainer.

• Speaking of Julie Cornell, we wonder if she introduces herself in social situations as "KETV/Newswatch 7's Julie Cornell," as she always does on TV. With the approaching "retirement" at Channel 6, this little tick will undoubtedly become the most annoying crutch in Omaha TV.

• Are we the only ones who think we might like WOWT reporter Brian New better after he gets through puberty and his voice changes?

• From last week's leftovers bin: During its severe weather week coverage, Channel 3 last week featured a report by meteorolgist Sarah Walters describing the station's 3-D Vipir radar system—something that none of the other stations in the area possess. The report detailed how the technology (which we're not smart enough to explain) can pinpoint areas where tornadoes are likely to occur.

Walters also allowed viewers to see the images provided by the system during last May's tornado that nearly destroyed the town of Hallam, Nebraska. The amazingly accurate information provided by 3-D Vipir that day demonstrates the number of lives that this particular package could save when a storm moves into a population center. Unlike the often over-hyped tools thrown at us by other stations, KM3's 3-D Vipir is, by most accounts, a significant step forward in weather forecasting. Kudos to 3 for bringing it to us (and to Sarah for explaining it).

• And while we're on the subject of Sarah: We try to avoid commenting on appearance, but we have to say we preferred Walters' previous hairstyle to the current one. One reader has suggested that perhaps she was the victim of a Deb Ward/Mary Williams special "KM3 Makeover," the image of which, for some reason, still makes us laugh out loud.

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