Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday Evening Notes

• KETV is featuring new openings on its newscasts, displaying its anchors in waist-up shots against a mainly white background. Snazzy, and a big improvement over what anyone else in town is doing.

• This week, hit-and-miss anchor Pat Persaud spiced up our dinner with reports of herpangina (mouth sores) and Fifth's Disease (skin rash) in her weekly "What's Going Around" feature on Channel 6.

• It's amazing how one person could be so bad at anchoring and so good as a reporter. Channel 7's Suzanne Deyo, whose weekend anchor work makes us cringe, delivered a stellar report at 6 p.m. describing Wednesday afternoon's high-speed chase through midtown Omaha. While she has trouble reading a teleprompter, she has first-rate storytelling skills.

• Hitting the stands tonight, Sean Weide's "Media Notes" column in this week's Reader sheds a bit more light on morning anchor Trey Jones' decision to leave Channel 6. Jones says he wouldn't mind getting back on the air, if he could land a spot that doesn't interfere with his ability to be a dad. Jones' decision to put his kids' interests first is refreshing, not just in TV, but in any business. As strong an anchor as Jones is, Channel 6 should have found a way to accommodate his situation.

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