Thursday, April 14, 2005

We'd Link to It If We Could

In this week's "Media Notes" column in The Reader, Sean Weide reports that KETV has hired an "executive producer" for its newscasts. The story quotes news director Roseann Shannon as indicating that the position is newly created. There is no mention of what specific duties this person will have, but we're praying that it involves stuffing a sock in Shiloh Woolman's mouth and breaking the news to Suzanne Deyo that Deyo is to anchoring as Ashlee Simpson is to singing. Then again, analogies may be lost on Deyo.


gerrishnut said...

It would be nice for all 3 TV news stations (KPTM, OR "DUCT TAPE 42 as I like to call it, does not count) would hire someone who actually takes pride in the presentation of it's newscasts.

I am mo broadcasting expert but I bet I can produce a newscast where the talent acutally looks at the proper camera all the time. All 3 major stations and their on-air "talent" suck when it comes to putting together flawless product.

I know they are reading off a tele-prompter, but do they have to make it look like they are struggling to acheive even that basic feat?

These people and the racket they are in are not rocket scientists. They fail everytime.

Verity_Verily said...

Note this example of Ms. Woolman's skills from June 2003 story:

Nothing provokes "creepy feelings" quite like a blue-checkered kilt, high-fringed boot-wearing white guy with a long, black ponytail--does it?

Hampton, Nebraska's loss is our gain, indeed.

Will said...

Sounds like some internal politics to me.

After all, why does a station in a modest market like Omaha need an executive producer when they already have an assignment editor, producer and news director?

Gerrishnut, I've always felt that the big problem Omaha has is that it is not the kind of market that attracts up-and-coming talent. It's a place for deadenders from the midwest and people on the way down and out (those of us who are old enough remember when Jimmy O'Neill used to work here. Jimmy O'Neill was the Ryan Seacrest of the early '60's out in LA. He even appears, in cartoon form, on an episode of "The Flintstones." And where was he working by the 1970's? Omaha AM radio.).

Ted Brockman said...

Don't forget John Coleman of "Good Morning America" and Weather Channel fame, who spent time as a KFAB morning host. Michael Scott also came back, albeit briefly, after his stint as an "Entertainment Tonight" reporter.

Omaha also has a history of sending people on to bigger gigs: Johnny Carson (WOW), Tom Brokaw, Floyd Kalber, and Chuck Roberts (all KMTV), and more recently, Jill Cordes (KETV).

I think it's unfair to say those who spend the bulk of their careers here are "dead-enders." Many are people who, like many of us, decide that this is a good place to live and raise a family.

As one TV person (whose name you would know) recently confided to me, not everyone aspires to a major market job and the professional and personal demands that go with that.

So while some are dead-enders or has-beens, not all fit that description. What management at all four news stations needs to do is continually weed out those who, for whatever reason, aren't up to the job here.

Will said...

Hey Omanewscrew, I saw John Coleman a couple of weeks when I was out in San Diego on business. I don't remember if it is a San Diego or L.A. station, though.

Also, former KM3 reporter Jodi Baker works for a FOX affiliate in San Diego (beautiful city, by the way).

TVSheila said...

Okay, gerrishnut-there are, believe it or not-some people at KPTM who actually DO 'take pride in their newscast'. Dave Hansen, for one has not only reported but has gone out to shoot and edit his stories, same with newbie David DeJohn. Amanda Mueller and Taylor Wilson have done the same-and top JJ Davis, eh? Can a guy be more into sports? Give 'em a break...

Magnus said...
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Magnus said...

"You see Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. It's a problem of motivation, all right? ... That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled, that, and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired."

Maybe the Omaha 4 need to adopt the employee retention standard rumored to be used at "Big Blue." Supposedly, every year, IBM cuts the bottom 15% of their employees in terms of performance. This makes everyone work harder because no one wants to be in that bottom 15%. Imagine people in the Omaha area having a hard time choosing the best station to watch instead of picking the least of the bad.

janetdoe said...

So, KPTM people have to one-man-band. So what? It's no red badge of courage. Just makes theproduct look bad and no viewer gives a shit. 42 is like a Sioux City type of station on the air in Omaha. You get what you pay for.

JJ Davis? Loser. No game. Needs to give it up. Pathetic and painful to watch at his age at a terrible station.

42 and 3 and non-factors. They should combine forces to save on payroll. KMTV could do a separate newscast at 9 pm that airs on 42. Advertisers on KPTM wouldn't care. Similar set-ups exist in lots of other markets. Don't think something like that hasn't been discussed -- seriously.

omatvwatcher said...

As an outsider who has lived in Omaha a little over a year, after living in other good news markets, I still don't understand this backlash against 42, especially considering the competition. Do you seriously think that WOWT, with all its history and prestige, is somehow better? Besides the morning weekday team of Maddox and Jones, I don't see anything or anyone of quality on that station. Agreeably, channel 3 is dying a slow, painful death. But 42, despite all its setbacks, has just as good a product as any in the market. Its main setback is that it misses overnight stories, which probably means there's no overnight staff. Channel 7 is the obvious leader, but probably because the company that owns it is one of the biggest in the country, and can throw all kinds of money into it.

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