Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ready—or Not—for Their Closeups

We asked for your opinions and got a surprisingly consistent list of folks whose faces you think will be rendered either more attractive or more hideous by HDTV technology. Longtime KM3 reporter Kathy "I Sound Like I Have a Secret" Sarantos-Niver garnered the most concern, while WOWT Rookie of the Year Malorie Maddox's mug is the most eagerly anticipated. Below, with occasional reader comments, are the names most frequently mentioned.

Most Likely to Be More Frightening in HD
1. Kathy Sarantos-Niver, KM3 ("Yamahama, her tiny picture on the web is gruesome. What will she look like in HD?!")
2. Carol Kloss, KETV reporter ("Leatherjacket? More like tight leatherface!")
3. Elictia Hammond, KETV morning anchor ("OmaRosa? That would be an improvement. That haircut makes her look like an Afghan hound.")
4. Merlyn Klaus, WOWT sports [Yeah. Are comments even needed here?]
5. What's-His-Name, KPTM ("So many possibilities. So little time.") [We think that crappy set will suffer more than the personnel from the increased resolution.]
6. Kayla Thomas, KMTV reporter ("A visual disaster, starting with her wardrobe. Were they out of stuff in her size?")

Frightening Honorable Mention: Michelle Bandur, KMTV reporter. Joe Jordan, KMTV reporter. Lee Terry, Sr., KETV Kaleidescope panelist. Michael Born, WOWT weatherboy

Most Likely to Be More Appealing in HD
1. Malorie Maddox, WOWT morning anchor ("The Anti-Sarantos-Niver")
2. Tracy Madden, WOWT anchor ("...but what are those deals on her face? Warts or moles?")
3. Greg Peterson, KMTV anchor ("Classiest of the Male Anchors in Town. Suits alone should look better in HD.")
4. Sarah Simmons, KMTV weekend anchor [Again, no comments, but oft-mentioned.]
5. Andrea Bredow, KETV weatherbimbo [Frequently mentioned but we disagree; this could be scary.]
6. Todd Andrews, KETV reporter [No comments provided.]

Appealing Honorable Mention: Mary Nelson, KMTV reporter


Will said...

RE: Tracy Madden.

Yeah, what ARE those things on her face? And why doesn't she get them taken care of?

Midtown said...

Not to disagree with your little side comment about Andrea Bredow. I understand HD is a true look at on air personalities but seeing them in person without makeup is much more of one and Bredow gets it done. Also add Brandi Peterson to the list.

freakinawsum said...

Since when do you have to win a beauty contest to be a good journalist. Carol Kloss and Joe Jordan are two of the best reporters in town and their looks certainly don't detract from their stories. Experience and age should be valued more than hair and make-up.
Ask tough questions, explain difficult issues, expose wrong doing, do what journalists are suppose to do and quit worrying about whose wart or wrinkle is going to show up on HD. Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters are hardly beautiful people, but some how they've suceeded and their reporting has changed lives.

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