Friday, April 29, 2005

Patwatch: 27 Possible Workdays Left

We were going to lay off the criticism of WOWT "anchor" Pat Persaud, but if the station's going to make us suffer for nearly another month, we're going to keep bitching about her incompetence.

• Pat's "Family Health" report on Friday's 6 p.m. cast focused on "Blackberry Thumb," a condition caused by too much text messaging. Clever little elf that she is, Pat noted that for text messagers hoping to avoid the condition, "incomplete sentences are acceptable." Her usual writing has never suggested that she considered incomplete sentences anything but standard English.

• On the topic of English and health: Her bio claims she majored in British Lit, and she has been the station's self-proclaimed health expert for nearly 20 years, but this week she managed to mispronounce the word mitral. The correct pronunciation involves the "long i" sound; Dr. Pat, of course, invented a pronuciation using the "short i" sound, as in the initial sound in the word idiot.

• One reader commented this week on Pat's stumbling through just about every story she reads: "Nice to see that merely reading words is still too hard after 20 years of practice." It really is hard to believe.

• Pat may be the only woman in Omaha TV who makes Andrea McMaster seem like a breath of fresh air. But then again, that's like saying, "your breath's so bad, we look forward to your farts."

• New potential betting lines this week involve Pat's wardrobe: How many more times will she trot out her black leather "Rizzo" and yellow "rain slicker" jackets?

• Pat has worked all five days this week. We can't remember when that last happened. She must be exhausted. We know we are.


Hap O'Gilmore said...

If all you got is how bad Pat and Andrea suck, this website will get old quick. While I do agree you are correct in your observations, there must be more to talk about. At least throw in a little Travis Justice bashing now and then.

thejackal said...

Apparently, Pat can't even make up her own dumb comments. I grew up in the area, but now get the Des Moines channels, and we had the same story up here. On "our" version, though, it was a doctor that said that incomplete sentences were alright. Pat must have edited him out for your viewers, and stolen his keen observation.
Incidently, our ABC affiliate is the "Channel 3" of Des Moines (always in last place), and yesterday during the noon hour they were talking about President Bush pushing his social security plan at his press conference. So, the graphic above the anchor's shoulder had a picture of Bush with the caption "Bush Push." I nearly soiled myself.

pia said...

I see you couldn't resist more jabs at Pat I know this is YOUR blog but I am convinced your ego is 2x larger than hers! Apparently you aren't really interested in the "biz" just just a forum to bitch!

janetdoe said...

Dear Pia (or is it "Peon"?):

You do understand the concept behind a blog, right?

Start your own if you can't stand this one.

On the other hand... Ted is going to be struggling for material once Pat is finally retired.

How about moving on to Julie Cornell and her complete inability to soften her "I'm a miserable, unlikable bitch" image?

Pat only needed to put a little more effort into and she could have come off as the sweetest, most lovable female anchor in the world. Julie just seems like a cocky, cold, insincere woman with big nostrils.

junkie said...

I could care less how many days Pat is on or off, the less the better we get more of Tracy.

Can you look at some of the other so called talent and make observations?

What about Mike Sigmond who is still holding on to Mommy's coat tails, she is a far more sincere talent than that ego-maniac.

Or Greg "second time around" Petersen?

kingofthestupidpeople said...

Anyone else notice that 6 brought in the so called "A" team for Sunday nights? Must have been the night for the monthly "Lollypop Gang" meeting because Tracy was sitting on the right of my TV. Either that or Pat was resting up for her 2 days of work this coming week.

bandit75 said...

Sweeps week sucks

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