Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"Online @ Five": Time to Reboot

Watching someone surf the web (or talk about it) isn't exactly the most riveting television. It ranks somewhere between Andrea McMaster's "Heartland Focus" and televised fishing. Channel 7's "Online @ Five" feature is worse. The segment seems to be the product of several station aims, most notably to give the impression that the folks at 7 are "with it," as the kids say, when it comes to "computers."

A second goal appears to be to promote KETV's website, which someone inexplicably decided to call "," instead of the more sensible (and easier to type) "" But that's an entirely different rant.

Guiding this magical tour of the internets each day is the station's obnoxious webmaster, Shiloh Woolman, who is perhaps the worst thing to come out of Morningside College since Pat Persaud. In describing this woman, the phrase, "She has a good radio face," should be modified to "She has a good voice for the deaf." Aside from KFAB radio's Tom Becka, there are few individuals with more grating voices in Omaha media today. Woolman sounds like a cross between the annoying book-lady that Channel 3 formerly featured on its morning show and the actress who so hideously over-acts on those commercials for No-Frills Supermarkets.

And it's not just her voice. Her attire usually looks more appropos of a company picnic, and most everything she says seems designed to impress us with how much she knows or how cool she is. On one segment last week, she launched into a story about how she formerly worked in Washington, followed by a spate of name-dropping, apparently intended to let us know that she's a big-time operator. While that sort of blather might impress a roomful of her fellow webmasters, it doesn't make for very interesting television, and it hardly qualifies as news.

Why the planners at Channel 7 thought it would be a good idea to put Woolman on the air is hard to imagine. Why they keep her there is an even bigger mystery.

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Luke said...

Tom Becka.

You've got to love a guy with enough moxie to think that being a "radio personality" carried some type of socio-economic weight.

Tom: Next time a family member gets in trouble with the law, don't call the police department with the "do you know who I am?" card. They do, and still don't care.

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