Monday, April 11, 2005

Monday Must Be Payday at Channel 6

Why else would part-timer and aspiring retiree Pat Persaud be sitting at the WOWT anchor desk on a Monday evening in what appeared to be a pink rain slicker? Our guess is that management caught her trying to sneak in the back door to collect her check and then tossed her into the studio, locking the door before she could escape.

Luckily, Pat's razor-sharp wit and sophisticated sense of humor are still intact. When her co-dolt, John Knicely, made some pointless reference to speaking French, she cracked herself up by replying "Oui, oui."

Oh Pat!

How many days until she disappears permanently, you ask? Forty-flippin'-three. Merde!

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Will said...

I was willing to give her a break during that two-week stretch, since it was entirely possible she planned her vacation before she "retired."

But most of last week too? With less than two months to go in her working life, I'm hard pressed to understand why she needs ANY time off.

As for last night's outfit: Ugly as hell, but what are they gonna do? Fire her?

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