Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maybe It's Some Kind of Dress-Up Day at the Big Six

We'd vowed to give our remarks about WOWT guest anchor Pat Persaud a rest for a while, but we can't resist pointing out that tonight, she appears ready to audition for the role of Rizzo in the road company of Grease.


Luke said...

Holy Fucking Shit, didn't jackets like that go out of style in 1985? Pat continued her stumbling, bumbling ways on the 5PM report, too. Nice to see that merely reading words is still too hard after 20 years of practice.

gerrishnut said...

It is also nice to see KETV weather-bimbo Bredow wearing a shirt 2 sizes too small and a bra 3 sizes too small to highlight her "on-air talents".

This lady is a horrible weathergirl and and even worse dresser.

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