Friday, April 08, 2005

If They Get Her Off the Air, Perhaps She Can Do Something About This

When we suggested the other day that KETV purge its 5 o'clock newscast of webmaster Shiloh Woolman's ghastly "Online @ Five" appearances, we were looking at it only from the perspective of irritated viewers. But as we browse Channel 7's staff bios, it occurs to us that she could devote that recovered time to her real job and do a little editing.

First off, from an entirely aesthetic standpoint, she could standardize the staff photos. Julie Cornell's appears to be a graphic, while meteorologist Chuck "Mumbles" McWilliams' looks like a screenshot. The majority, however, appear to be candids that Shiloh captured by walking around the station with a ten year old digital camera. Our favorite, however, is Suzanne Deyo's—a JCPenney-quality professional portrait of Deyo, her husband, and baby. We could not imagine a more bizarre choice.

Our second gripe is with the content of the bios themselves. Again, Deyo's page offers ample evidence. It goes on about twice as long as that of most other staffers (the only one longer is Woolman's). More entertainingly, it is riddled with dozens of irrelevant and seemingly random facts. Some examples:
• Suzanne loves Omaha and does not plan to leave.
• Her favorite food is fried chicken fingers.
• Suzanne married in August 2000.
• Her husband is an Independent Registered Investment Advisor.
• They adopted an orange tabby cat from the Nebraska Humane Society named "Rusty."
• Her favorite shows are "Spin City", "Friends", "Alias", and "The Practice."

And then there's this baffling quote: "The people here are wonderful. And there's plenty to do without a terrible rush hour! What more could you ask for?"

Well, we could ask for coherence. Coherence would be really nice.

Most of our incredulity at the quality of these bio pages disappeared when we read the beginning of Woolman's tribute to herself: "Before I jumped on-board I'd never even built a mail group, much less a web page." Why are we not surprised by that?

"But I'm learning," she adds.

Not fast enough for us.


Will said...

To be honest, I don't think that the staff bio page is an A-number one priority.

Still, though, have to laugh at that Suzanne Deyo bio. I wonder what she watches now, since most of the tv shows she claims to love (mostly ABC shows, of course) left the air years ago.

And congrats to Shiloh Woolman for being able to get a web designer job despite her lack of experience. I guess it really IS "who you know."

Midtown said...

The webmasters don't usually write the bio's for the TV websites. The majority of the time the Reporter/Anchor submits a bio and the webmaster just puts it in as is.
Another thing it's funny you guys rip Shilo's outfits... The problem is not her clothes it's your taste. Her fashion sense is just ahead of the trends here... aren't you guys trying to pull this town up by it's bootstraps into the 21st century. Shilo is just trying bring this town's horrible fashion sense into this decade... kind of like Carrie from Sex in the City.
BTW you should see her shoes.

bandit75 said...

Yea, you shouldn't rip on her clothes. I know I watch the news for fashion tips. What else would you watch the news for? Oh yeah, to find out what is happening in our area. Duh!

For Shiloh to be considered a web designer, that would mean she'd actually have designed something. Take a look at any of the other IBS owned tv stations websites, for example. They are all set up the same probably through standard templates for the company. At best she is a data entry specialist.

One last note, could they possibly cram any more crap on their webpages? With all the adds on their pages in addition to all the stories, it causes me to have seizures if I stare at the page to long.

Ted Brockman said...

Midtown's comment is more laden with bullshit than most feedlots. If Shiloh's gonna be on TV, she oughta dress better than she would for a trip to (or a job at) Wal-Mart.

We'll probably sound old-fashioned (again), but there was a time when most people dressed up for a TV appearance, because they knew they were being invited (figuratively, anyway) into people's homes, and they didn't want to be bad guests.

While much of that mentality has evaporated, you'll notice that male anchors still wear suits. Likewise, if you watched this morning's coverage of the Pope's funeral, the network anchors were all wearing funeral attire, and even locally, Malorie Maddox dressed more formally than usual. It's a matter of respect and decorum.

We don't want fashion tips from Shiloh or anyone else on TV. We just want them to look like they think viewers are important enough to dress up for.

Midtown said...

My only point (joking about the shoes by the way) is that she is a web designer and whether you have noticed it or not this is akin to the movie reviewer coming on a newcast on a friday. Not a news segment not an important life changing event. Just a way to push people to another busy, link loaded website. You started this site by saying there was a need for intelligent critism of local news. How are the Shilo comments or the constant ripping of people clothes either intelligent or informitive.

gerrishnut said...

Watching Deyo is worse than watching paint dry. Sure, she's nice to look at but she sucks at reporting the news.

Being hot is one thing, but that wears off if you have no idea how to deliver what you're reading. KETV has a line-up full of decent looking morons, Deyo leading the way with Bredow coming in a strong second.

Ted Brockman said...

Midtown's statement that we've critiqued clothing on a "constant" basis is just plain wrong. An examination of every single post would reveal that there are probably no more than four or five occasions (out of 80+ posts) in which we've mentioned appearance, and most of those have only been passing remarks.

However, television is a visual medium, and attire—whether on television or face-to-face—is a significant factor in how a person is perceived. Those who dress like professionals tend to be treated as professionals, and those who dress otherwise suffer by comparison.

While appearance isn't everything, it can't be ignored in a thoughtful analysis of a station's product.

jungle23 said...

The local television stations seem to be pushing their websites quite a bit in order to tap into a new market. Therefore, if you are going to promote your website, it should look as professional as possible. Appearance is everything in television.

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