Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Anchors Away

With Julie Cornell on vacation, KETV took two steps forward late last week, giving Brandi Petersen the opportunity to sub in the big chair. But when Monday rolled around, the station took at least two steps backward, placing the bleach-blond and brainless Suzanne Deyo in the slot. When will the braintrust at 7 realize that Deyo isn't anchor material?

Things were much better handled over at Channel 3: Deb Ward was gone Monday, and her chair was filled by Sarah Simmons, who pairs well with Greg Peterson. Channel 3, it seems, knows a good anchor when it sees one.


tvnut said...

I couldn't agree more on Suzane Deyo. She is ackward and does not intoeract well at all. Brandi Petersen is too firm and needs to soften up a little bit. Someone at 7 PLEASE TELL CHUCK MCWILLIAMS TO SLOW DOWN WHEN HE TALKS, he sounds like a babbling idiot, I turned channels when he was talking about the severe weather yesterday because I couldn't keep up with him.

Ted Brockman said...

McWilliams always sounds like he's talking with a mouthful of food.

Will said...

Suzanne Deyo is the pits, and for all I know is as dim as a 10 watt bulb. But she's clearly good at office politics. That's the only way I can explain her visibility.

newstang said...

Even Deyo is a better anchor than Devon Patton. KM3 has good anchors in Simmons, Peterson, and Ward. Patton doesn't fit in at all. He brings down the weekend newscast to look like a Fox production, or college level newscast. I feel bad for Simmons, a true professional. She clearly outshines her co-anchor and probably makes him look even worse.

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