Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend Notes

Gerrish Resurfaces: Courny Gerrish fans must've breathed a sigh of relief Sunday afternoon when the WOWT anchor/reporter reappeared next to Paul Baltes after more than two weeks of absence. We had already prepared a piece asking if her disappearance signalled yet another departure from the Big Six when, lo and behold, there she was.

The Tiniest Weathercaster: No it's not a children's book title. For some reason, a comment on one recent post inquired about the height of KPTM meteorologist Dean Wysocki. When no one responded, the poster's husband asked again. Now, the mystery is solved: Dean himself responded that he is 5'8" in heels, whatever that means. An OMA News operative attending the severe weather symposium in Lincoln on Saturday reports, however, that KMTV morning weatherguy Charles Thongklin is no more than 5'6" and that his Channel 3 co-worker, Sarah Walters, is approximately the same size. Maybe we should start a chart listing heights and weights of Omaha's TV types. Then again, maybe not.

Me Wan' Go Home: It's time for someone to ask what KETV was thinking in allowing Suzanne Deyo to replace Pamela Jones at the weekend anchor desk. Deyo replaced the perky Jill Cordes at the morning desk when Cordes left for the Food Network, and the result was not good. One would think that Channel 7 management would have learned from that. Deyo is essentially Andrea McMaster without the appealing smile: uninflected delivery, little to no spontanaeity, and general cluelessness about what she's reading. Thinking that she was up to replacing Jones was even more delusional than thinking she could replace Cordes, and less excusable, since 7's bosses knew what they were getting.

Tag Teaming: Speaking of McMaster, viewers of WOWT's Saturday afternoon public service program "Heartland Focus" were no doubt surprised to see new lead anchor Tracy Madden sitting in with Andrea on Saturday's show, which highlighted programs of the Child Saving Institute. The pairing was awkward, at best. The whole arrangement smacked of a big sister assigned to keep an eye on a younger sibiling. Seeing the two of them ganging up to pepper CSI's Wendy Hostetter with questions about dealing with infants and toddlers made it look like Hostetter had been called to the principal's office. At one point, apparently out of questions, Madden and McMaster stared at each other for a second or two before deciding to move to a new topic.

Part of a Maloricious Breakfast: Sunday morning viewers of Channel 6 got a pleasant surprise, waking up to the sunny smile of weekday anchor Malorie Maddox instead of the labored reading of McMaster. What a breath of fresh air, not having to hear about this or that "organ-I-zation," or an "im-por-Tant" development.

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