Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sweeps Droppings

It appears that Channels 6 and 7 are picking up ideas rejected during February sweeps and running with them now. What else could explain WOWT's dispatching Rebecca Kleeman to investigate "Mega-Sized Fruits and Vegetables!"? Or KETV's decision to have Carol Kloss don her leather coat to find out why Baker's Supermarket rejected some woman's $400 check?

So flabbergasted were we by the Channel 6 promo that we didn't even catch when the Kleeman story is airing. Maybe it's tonight. Old Leatherjacket went charging into Baker's last night at 10.

Honest-to-God, we can't figure out what the hell these people are thinking. Is someone at Channel 6 actually in possession of research that suggests viewers want more stories about ENORMOUS PRODUCE? Is there really someone out there who sees this promo and says, "It's about goddammed time somebody blew the lid off the giant-turnip problem in this country!"? Or should we read something Freudian into this sudden interest in large cucumbers?

And why does it take Kloss to call a store and ask why a check was rejected? Are people so helpless that they call TV stations whenever they experience frustration? ("Yeah, Channel 7? Um, I can't get this pickle jar open; could you send a reporter over to help me out, please?")

Just think of the race to get there if the pickles were REALLY BIG!

The more we see of these nonsense pieces and the hype that accompanies them, the more we think Channel 3 is onto something in its refusal to do stories like this. Take away the blowhard opinionizer (whose name we are sick of typing) and KMTV's newscast looks better than it has in years. Freed from the obligatory sports segment (do we really need to see footage of another high school game?), Greg Peterson and company deliver more news, in a more straightforward manner, than any other Omaha station.

For our money, Peterson is the best evening anchor in town, and meterologist Ryan McPike is affable enough. Co-anchor Deb Ward is adequate, if not outstanding, and is still better than her counterparts at 6 and 7 (although that will change with Tracy Madden's ascension in May). Whether you choose Channel 6 or Channel 3 probably comes down to whether you'd rather watch five minutes of inanity about big vegetables or five minutes of opinion from a big tool. Tough call.


Joe Swank said...

Channel 3rd the best news cast pleaaase. First off they dont do sports. Enough Said. I want to know when my sports come on, not when they choose. Secondly Travis Justice. AHHHHHH!. Finally, too many Flu and dancing squirrel stories

bandit75 said...

The only good thing about that giant fruit story was the promo! To whomever created that promo at 6, excellent use of Nintendo sound effects!

ChickMick said...

How about the woman choking on the huge fruit sample on the teaser for the gigantic fruit story? You can barely understand what she's saying and it's a little gross... apparently they needed a response NOW! And maybe if she actually did choke that could take the story in a whole new direction??? Woman Killed By Gigantic Fruit!

frekinawsum said...

hey joe, had no idea you were such a big high school sports fan...way to go man!!! You just put yourself in a category all by yourself, literally. Try catching your sports on ESPN or online like the rest of the world. Then again you might be on to something since cant see if Papillion beat Ralston.

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