Thursday, March 24, 2005

Satellhype Photography

There's not much that we feel warrants comment today, but we do have one question that's been nagging us: Is WOWT's "Neighborhood Tracker" as overblown as we think it is? From what we can tell, the Big Six has purchased a high-resolution satellite image of Omaha, which it then zooms in on and/or decorates as a substitute for actually going out and getting information. Sometimes, we get the feeling that the goal of management over there is to eventually produce a totally content-free newscast. Things like the "Neighborhood Tracker" certainly move the whole operation in that direction.

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Magnus said...

Rumor has it that WOWT is in negotiations with Pixar to be the first television station in the country to go to an entirely virtual newscast format that has become so popular in Japan. A survey of their core audience shows a strong positive reponse to pilots that have recently been run. Look for the "Easter Egg" in the Incredibles Bonus DVD menus for a preview of this inovative new approach to news casting. To keep things "live, local, and late-breaking," WOWT will be housing the most powerful Xserve G5 cluster in the midwest. Unfortunately, due to the enormous financial investment that innovation of this nature requires, and the fact that actual "news personalities" will no longer be needed, Pat will not be the only one retiring from the Channel 6 cast. However, WOWT is taking aplications for people with good on-air voices to do the reading. Computers cannot, apparently, do it all.

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