Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Peeking Behind the Curtain

Translating selected portions of News Director John Clark's Monday email to WOWT Staffers...

What he wrote: It is with mixed emotions that I share this news with you today.
What he meant: I keep swinging between relief and euphoria; let me tell you why.

What he wrote: Pat isn't retiring just yet. She will stay with us through May 25th.
What he meant: It's not all good news. We've got to limp through May sweeps with her.

What he wrote: Over the next few months you will be seeing us celebrating her career and her many contributions to the success of WOWT in a variety of ways on-the-air.
What he meant: Hang onto your hats: We're going to subject viewers to all sorts of nonsensical "retrospectives" in an embarrassing attempt to pretend that Pat has been a serious journalist in the tradition of Brokaw, Rather, and Cronkite.

In our favorite part of the memo, Clark quotes from Pat's resignation letter:

What she wrote: No doubt, I will miss my time at Channel 6 and working with so many good people. Not the least...the three guys I work with every night. We've been a great team. I truly respect the talent and genuiness of each of them. They've helped me become a better anchor through the years. Can I dare say that maybe I've had a little influence on them too?!
What she meant: My weak performance has made them look better by comparison. That counts for something, doesn't it?

What she wrote: I'm . . . very proud of the work I've done. Proud of the people we've helped with our health reporting over the years...
What she meant: I changed the course of life on this planet by reporting on things like the diarrhea that swept through Dr. Alka Desai's office.

What she wrote: ...proud to have tackled subjects that were once taboo on tv
What she meant: Before I came along, viewers couldn't hear about tumors, sores, and genital warts while eating their dinner.

What she wrote: ...proud to have cooperatively taken us to number one and still there for ten years.
What she meant: Look! I can write as badly in a letter as I do for TV!


Skij Yesh On Domorrow-Walker said...

nice post! Only been to Omaha twice, but I can imagine it all.. it has ramifications all across the board.

skij yesh on

Anonymous said...

I don't think you even have a clue as to how far off your analysis really is. This post alone is proof of your lack of credibility. I think it is hypocritical to be judging the journalistic skills of others when your insights are about as credible as a Dr.Seuss tale.

Doug said...

Perhaps the author of this commentary on WOWT should try going to bed at 9:58 in the future. Get some sleep. It might improve your sour attitude.

If you don't like what you see, turn it. Who ARE you anyway? What qualifies you?

Anonymous said...

If you don't like what you see, turn it. Who ARE you anyway? What qualifies you?
Gee, the exact same thing could be said about you in regard to this website. Nobody is forcing you to read it. If the "owner" of the site wants to have their own place where they can comment on things and they're not forcing their opinions on you, what the hell is your problem?

It isn't like OMA News gets a spot on WOWT and rips them on the air. You, however, take it upon yourself to go to the site and rip them using their facilities and webspace.

If you don't like it, take it out of your bookmark list.

chaos said...

I agree with the original post, whole heartedly. Jeez Pat, get over yourself. So she's leaving on may 25 eh. Why not wait till then. Oh no!!! You mean we're gonna have a couple of months of tearful, maudelin (sp?), Pat Persuad in retrospect? Titled "the fear mongering and hysteria hype I wrought!'
Really, just go would ya.
Enough already.

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