Monday, March 14, 2005

No More Big Squash Jokes

Okay, so we were out of town Thursday night/Friday and took the weekend off. We received an email this afternoon from one reader who claims to be suffering from withdrawl. It's nice to be missed. Here are a few miscellaneous items littering the desktop today...


A belated thanks to Sean Weide of The Reader, whose “Media Notes” column last week mentioned our humble effort here for the second time in three weeks. In the previous week’s edition, Sean provided the only known report on Amy Jocius’ move from KETV to KPTM and KPTM’s newest reporter/anchor. We’d “build a link” to the column on this page, but—much to our chagrin—it’s not online. Pick up a copy today or tomorrow, before the new edition hits the stands.


In the several years since its inception, Channel 6’s weekend morning newscasts have included any number of timekillers, and few seemed more useless than the “In Case You Missed It” feature. In case you’ve managed to miss it, “ICYMI” recycles a story aired earlier in the week. Until now, we couldn’t figure out who, exactly, would benefit from this, but now we know: It’s us!

As noted in a post last Thursday, we weren’t able to catch Rebecca Kleeman’s investigation into “Mega-Sized Fruits and Vegetables.” We considered ourselves lucky to receive several readers’ accounts of the piece via email (see upcoming post). But we felt even luckier Sunday morning when robo-reader Andrea McMaster intro’d the story…in case we’d missed it! (Apparently they were out of stories about sandwiches that resemble the cast of “The Golden Girls.”)

As far as we know, this is the first instance of anyone being grateful for “In Case You Missed It.” And remember, you read about it here first.


Now to the big carrot story. Several readers sent in their views regarding this latest Channel 6 contribution to the anals, er, um, annals of broadcast journalism. Highlights of those accounts:

• “What the hell does Kleeman mean when she talks about that kid noticing the “bright shapes”? Does she mean bright colors? Doesn’t anyone ever edit anything at that station?

• “Thank God Pat didn't say her ‘reporting live’ line.” [Editor’s Note: She didn’t say it?! Good gravy! Can anyone remember the last time that happened?]

• “You talk about how bad the on-air talent is in handling these stories, but what about the people behind the scenes? Isn’t there an assignment editor? Who came up with this as a story? He or she should be fired.”

• “Is it just me, or does channel six find some of the dumbest people possible to interview?” [Editor’s Note: It’s not so much that they interview dumb people so much as the fact that they use whatever the dumb person says, regardless of whether it adds to the story.]

• On one interviewee: "Mullet alert! Mullet alert! Mullet alert!"

• "The one thing they failed to even mention, probably the most important piece of this story, were the side effects and possible health risks of genetically enhanced, enlarged fruit. Thanks channel 6 for once again giving us half the story and blowing an endless supply of sunshine up our asses."

• "This wasn’t’ a story, it was just a lot of filler. Nothing startling, like 'they’ve been exposed to massive doses of radiation,' just 'they’re the product of careful breeding.' Big deal. That’s like reporting that advertising is the product of careful research. Everybody knows it so shut up already. The problem at six is that nobody in charge seems to have a clue. Sure Jon and Pat suck, but they have a boss, don’t they? Shouldn’t he be helping them get better?"

• "The capper was the live shot, which we knew was live because of the sweet graphic, of Rebecca from the kitchen at 6 showing us how to recrisp our giant celery. She looked like she was hoping for an in-studio drive-by just to get out of the story."

Yeah, you've gotta think she was pretty much hating her life at that moment. Thanks to all who emailed their descriptions of the story. We try to watch this crap so you won't have to.

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