Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Maybe Reading the Script in Advance Would Help. Then Again...

Either baffled by an unfamiliar word or showing the consequences of not reading her copy in advance, AARP-member-to-be Pat Persaud Monday night informed viewers that Wayne Richard McGuire had been convicted of murdering Dian Fossey "in [ad-STEN-sha]" (that's in absentia for those of you who expect a newscaster with 20+ years of experience to be able to pronounce things properly).

Gazing into that teleprompter each night must be like a box of chocolates for Queen Pat, because she never seems to know what she's gonna get. We are reminded of Les Nessman reading his station's airborne banner on-air as his employer prepared to bomb the Pinedale Shopping Mall with live turkeys: "It says 'Happy Thanksgiving from W (pause) K (pause) R (pause) P!'"

We just keep repeating to ourselves, "Only 71 more days, only 71 more days, only 71 more days..."

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