Tuesday, March 01, 2005

May 25th Can't Come Soon Enough

Those of you who witnessed the mid-newscast blubberfest on last night's "Ten at Ten" know that nothing we write here can top it. For those of you who missed it: nothing we write here can do it justice. Billed as a "big announcement" both on WOWT's website and on-air, Pat Persaud announced that she is leaving the station, in a fit of weeping and rambling the likes of which we haven't seen in some time.

Calling the move one that is "best for our family," Persaud choked up every two or three words, exclaiming at one point, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" When co-anchor John Knicely tried to reel her back in by prompting that she isn't going away immediately, she took off on another tangent about how much she's loved her job and how grateful she is for viewers' "support"—whatever that means.

The surprise announcement included Pat's on-air assurance that we needn't worry because Tracy Madden will be taking Pat's position. Our questions: (1) Who the hell was worried? and (2) Why wait 'til the end of May? We'll rent a truck and help you clear your stuff out today.

It's hard to know whether Pat actually got worse as time passed or if we just got tired of her. We seem to recall a time when she was pleasant and well-informed. But at some point in the last five or so years, we came to dread her every appearance, whether it was her moronic "What's Going Around" feature, her canned "Family Health" reports, or her seemingly unending supply of hackneyed phrases ["Thanks, Doug Walker, reporting LIVE" (when he's standing five feet away); "...trouble for Michael Jackson latermorenews"; and, of course, "We've built a link on our website at WO (pause) WT (pause) dot-com."]

Hearing her say she's going to be a full-time wife and mom makes us afraid for her family if her idea of full-time work is as diluted at home as it appears to have been on TV. But that's their problem, not ours.

What's behind her exit is the really interesting story, although we can only speculate based on the bits and pieces of information we'be been able to put together. WOWT News Director John Clark's e-mail (which we will dissect in a forthcoming post) refers to his "mixed emotions" in announcing the departure, and a look at the station's website suggests that the mood there is more celebratory than anything else.

For now, all we know is that the mood HERE is celebratory, and would be even more so if it were May 26th.


Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your blog here. Thank god someone else finds the Omaha news shows to be a joke. Thank. God.

Anonymous said...

I also stumbled across this site, reffered by a co-worker at 7. Great job on the site and keep it up. It's a real relief to find people who are as disgusted with this market as much as I am.

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is.. you work at channel 7 and are disgusted with yourself?

Anonymous said...

Let me say that your column about Pat Persaud is the most mean-spirited piece of writing that I have ever seen. Im trying to figure out what type of person would write that garbage. My guess is you are a former Channel Six employee. Perhaps you even had a run-in with Pat at some time and now in your cowarwdly way you are trying to get even. Most of all I feel sorry for you because you must be a miserable person. Constructive and creative criticism is an art form. Mean-spirited and totally subjective criticism is not. It is simply mean-spirited and subjective.

Anonymous said...

You have access to News 6 memos the day they come out? I'm thinking you either work there or have no life...or both?

Anonymous said...

I am all for fair comment, but questioning Pat's parenting skills based on the way she voice tracks a health package??? I think any chance you(and I think "we" know exactly who you are) had of making this a must-read open forum with positive and negative (but not personal in nature) criticism has been lost.

At the outset, this blog looked like it had potential for an intelligent, insider's point of view on what's happening at the stations. Unfortunately, it's now just some geek with an agenda taking the opportunity to slam anyone he does not like personally.

Again, why bring anything to do with Pat's family into this?

I would like to see omaha have some kind of forum for honest discussion of on-air product, but you just blew it, man.

So, Pat's not the greatest. Neither is Julie or Deb or Tracy or any female(or male) anchor in town. Watch anyone long enough and you'll be able to zone in on a handful of things you don't care for. But, leave it restricted to the job.

You're a loser. Also, anyone who gets their jollies from negative comments related to someone's family (like the one about Persuad)is just as much of a geek/loser as the writer on this blog.

Don't let the "we" stuff fool you. This is one guy writing this crap. He works at 7 and used to work at 6 before he got canned.

Anonymous said...

How dare you do what you want with your own weblog! You shouldn't be mean to Pat just because she has been "phoning it in" for years. Wait, just kidding. I especially love the Travis Justice bashing. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this guy CAN do whatever he wants with the blog. But he can forget having the players in this business pay it any attention after his true colors were revealed. Now go cut me some city council VO, you little punk!

Anonymous said...

Todd Clark -- you're really good at running a blog.

Don't let the negative stuff get you down, it's just a sign that you've arrived.

By the way, can I borrow some anti-bacterial lotion?

Ted Brockman said...

1) There was no intent to drag anyone's family into anything, other than to say we hope she devotes more energy to her new "job" at home than she put into her work at Channel 6 over the past few years.

2) There is absolutely no "agenda" here other than to voice our opinions regarding the programming we're offered here in Omaha. No one associated with this blog works for any station, nor have any of us done so in the past.

3) Doesn't the Comment that begins "I'm all for fair comment" sound suspiciously like someone's rantings on "For What It's Worth"?

Anonymous said...

"Oma news": you haven't answered how you got access to an internal memo. Inquiring minds want to know...

Ted Brockman said...

As we've stated repeatedly, we do not work at any station, nor have we ever.

And there's no way in hell we'd tell you who sent us the memo, for reasons you certainly understand.

Anonymous said...

3) Doesn't the Comment that begins "I'm all for fair comment" sound suspiciously like someone's rantings on "For What It's Worth"?
No. It wasn't written in all uppercase. TRAVIS JUSTICE LIKES HIS UPPERCASE.

Anonymous said...

Just so you folks know.
Todd isn't the person operating this blog site.
In fact until a few minutes ago he didn't know that Pat had decided to leave.
He has been way out of town for days.
BTW the memo (news release) was sent to all the stations and newspaper. It was not an internal memo.

Ted Brockman said...

While the memo may have been issued later as a news release, it came to us as a forwarded email that was originally sent to a few dozen WOWT staffers between 2 and 3 p.m.

But you're right about one thing: we don't even know who Todd Clark is.

In Travis' defense, we're not in TV, but we're fairly certain that ALL CAPS is standard for telepromter scripts, which is exactly how it's billed on KM3's site.

Anonymous said...

Lighten up people. Pat can handle it. She's a big girl. She's in the public eye.

I suppose from this day forward, Jay Leno, David Letterman and the others should stop with the "Bush is dumb" jokes, or the "Ted Kennedy is a lush" jokes.

Have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Bad analogy. At least Letterman and Leno are not hiding in cyberspace like you guys are.

bandit75 said...

Much like yourself by posting anonymously. Pot and the kettle moron.

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