Friday, March 04, 2005

A Lazy Friday: Sorting the Mail

And now, as a public service, we scrounge through the mail and comment bag to engage with our readership in a thoughtful exchange of views about the local TV scene…

One Anonymous reader writes, Let me say that your column about Pat Persaud is the most mean-spirited piece of writing that I have ever seen. Im trying to figure out what type of person would write that garbage. My guess is you are a former Channel Six employee. Perhaps you even had a run-in with Pat at some time and now in your cowarwdly way you are trying to get even.

If this is the most mean-spirited thing you’ve ever seen, then you’ve apparently not read very much. Not that that surprises us. But we digress. We do not, in fact, know Pat, except from what we've seen on TV. But if we're reading you correctly, it sounds as if one can only develop a true dislike for her work if one knows her personally. We'll take your word for it.

Another reader, also Anonymous, asks, Is Tracy [Madden] raising these kids herself? Why doesn't anyone, including the wonderful folks at WOWT, mention that she has a husband?? Get over the fact that he works for a KETV!

Oh great—Now everybody knows, blabbermouth! We had been playing along with the conspiracy because we preferred to believe that she was sending us discreet love messages in morse code via her eyeblinks. (For example, we thought that her references to "Our Heartland Children" were to OUR Heartland Children.) But now that you’ve shattered that illusion, we might as well shout it to the world: TRACY MADDEN IS MARRIED TO ED McMAHON! There, we said it. Are you happy now?! We may be "over it," but that doesn't mean we have to like it. (We really had no idea he was working at 7.)

A third reader, whom we'll call Anonymous, scolds us, writing Train wreck? I think Andrea [McMaster] does a great job on weekend mornings. She is a real treat, especially now that they unhitched Trey from the team to let her show her real talent. . . . Keep up the good work, Andrea! Don't let a pencil-necked geek and his sophomoric comments get you down.

You're right. "Train wreck" probably understates it. However those other comments are wholly uncalled for, as they are an insult to sophomores and pencil-necked geeks everywhere. Nevertheless, we thought Andrea was doing a great job, too, until we turned the sound up.

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Renee said...

OMG! You enabled comments. Well, since you have, I'm going to take an opportunity to go off topic and ask the REAL question Omahans want an answer to. Okay, maybe just me and my husband.

How tall is Fox 42's Dean Wysocki?

We've never seen him in person and they never show him standing next to anyone. Inquiring minds want to know. Do YOU know??

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