Friday, March 25, 2005

The Jim Flowers Game

Anyone looking for a drinking game need look no further than Jim Flowers' weather segments on Channel 6. This time of year, nobody gets more stirred up about changing weather than Jimmy. And when Jimmy's excited, Jimmy loves to beat a phrase or two into a fine paste. So, to play the game, just take one sip every time Jimmy says one of these phrases:
• head into the
• for the balance of
• build in
• Let's go topside! (two sips for this one)

Be forewarned: even the heaviest of drinkers may pass out before Jimmy reveals his "extended forecast."

A similar game can be played when Scott Akin is on duty. Take a sip each time he mentions something being above or below average for this time of year. This, too, is a game that must be played with great caution as these can pile up pretty fast.

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