Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Even a Stopped Clock Is Right Twice a Day

At first, we thought we'd overmedicated ourselves. Then we thought, "Hmm. Smells like an approaching apocalypse." Finally we decided that it was just a matter of the planets lining up just right. Whatever the explanation, we're compelled to admit that last night's 10 o'clock news on Channel 6 was pretty good, at least from the story standpoint.

First, there was Gary Johnson's report on lobbyists. In particular, he drew attention to the fact that three former speakers of the legislature are making ridiculous amounts of money lobbying their former colleagues. The most recent speaker, Curt Bromm, who, as a senator, pushed a bill barring former lawmakers from lobbying for at least a year after leaving office, was shown back-pedaling from that position. It turns out that he's only been out of office since January and is making something like $21,000 a MONTH as a lobbyist. What balls. But kudos to Johnson; it was real journalism! Why don't we see more of him and less in the way of "Family Health" and dancing monkey stories?

Then there was Doug Walker's story about city ordinances on pet licensing, one that provided useful info about the cost of missing the deadline for getting tags on little Snowball or Fifi. Not only was it practical, it was timely (barely), in that the cutoff was midnight last night. Our only gripe is that during the obligatory live shot, we could barely hear Dougie over a blaring police scanner. Doesn't that thing have a volume control knob? Or is the person assigned to monitor it hard of hearing? In either case, there must've been a better location for the scanner or the report.

Now, those of you who watched know that Pat predictably followed one of these stories with her "reporting live" crutch. We've come to the conclusion that she's pathologically incapable of breaking this habit and is unmotivated to do so with just 70 days left in her career. But we have to wonder: Do you suppose she says it after she finishes a phone call at home? ("My neighbor, Doris, reporting live! Now what should I have for lunch?")

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audio guy said...

Hi there. Thanks for your comment on Doug Walker's audio being too low during the live shot. The police scanner IS in fact too loud in the newsroom (it's not likely to be turned down) and I did try to bring up the volume of Doug's audio through the audio board, but it obviously didn't help much. I have noticed this problem before and will try to find a way to better serve you next time. Thanks.

-the person assigned to monitor it who is not hard of hearing

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