Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dead Fish, Live at 4

Yes, Pat sat in for Tracy today at 4, but that's not what we're referring to. This comes from one of our more alert regular readers...
"This just in from the Heartland's news leader:

A station that spends as much money as Channel 6 does on its news operation ought to be able to come up with better than this. If, as the same reader suggests, the stores pay for these mentions, then the Big Six should be upfront about that. But maybe if you consider reporting grocery prices to be journalism, then your interpretation of ethical conduct is similarly broad.

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bandit75 said...

I know I'd much rather hear what local supermarket has bread cheaper than what's going on in the world that really matters. After the shooting spree in the Atlanta courthouse last week, I figured we'd have to endure several stories from the big three on local courthouse security, or at the least hear from a cousin of a friend of a guy who dated a girl that was a college roommate with the girl that was held captive by the shooter. Omaha journalism rules!

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