Thursday, March 03, 2005

Are Your Ready for Some Madden?

So excited were we about the impending departure of WOWT's Pat Persaud, that we devoted little time to her designated successor, Tracy Madden. Madden is one of our favorite anchors, although her profile has been diminished in the last year or so, first with her maternity leave and then by virtue of her anchoring duties being limited to the 4 p.m. newscast and sporadic fill-ins for Pat.

We honestly don't know how long she's been on the Big Six, but it has to have been close to a decade, if not longer. Her on-air presence is fresh and relaxed, and she seems to actually think about the stories she's reading. She has also displayed considerable ability to react to impromptu comments or unplanned moments—probably a result of the bzillions of live stand-ups she's done over the years.

Our only concern is whether she's up to the grind of delivering three newscasts a night, especially given that she has very young twins at home to keep up with. In the past, Channel 6 has divided up the afternoon/evening anchoring chores among three or four members of the team, and that might be a good idea now, to keep from burning her out. With a strong bench that includes Trey Jones, Courtny Gerrish and Malorie Maddox, it would certainly seem to be a viable option.

Management might also be wise to sign former KETV weekend anchor Pamela Jones, whose praises we were just singing last week. Jones is a star performer who languished too long on the sidelines at Channel 7 and who would surely strengthen WOWT's lineup.

The unexpected but long overdue personnel changes at the station over the past six months give Channel 6 an exciting opportunity to re-energize its on-air product. Here's hoping that the decision-makers are up to the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Is Tracy raising these kids herself? Why doesn't anyone, including the wonderful folks at WOWT, mention that she has a husband?? Get over the fact that he works for a KETV!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Tracey's personal life or anyone else's. It's not your business what a journalist does on his or her own time. I wish the TV stations wouldn't subject us to "families."

Anonymous said...

Her husband works at KETV? Who is he?

Anonymous said...

Sean McMahon on sports guy in town.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about Tracy's life, but if WOWT is going to make it public, it would be nice to see the father get some credit. As a father myself, I am tired of seeing dads getting shortchanged by society.

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh, somebody's jumped on the "I'm a victim, too" bandwagon. Give it a rest.

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