Thursday, March 31, 2005

About Those Ads

Several of you have commented on the ads that have begun springing up on these pages in the past few weeks. We have adopted the ads in an attempt to support our humble effort here without being obnoxious. In all cases, we try to keep the ads from interfering with the content. We despise it, for example, when sites interrupt content with giant ads that force readers to scroll down the page to keep reading. We believe that the only time a reader should be required to scroll down is when the article extends beyond the range of the screen. So you won't see ads within the bodies of posts.

Additionally, we will only carry ads for specific products that we ourselves use and endorse. We use Apple products almost exclusively and encourage you to do the same. Apple's iTunes software runs on both Mac and Windows machines and we urge you to download the program and then partake heartily in downloading from the iTunes Music Store, preferably through this page. The same goes for Amazon. We've been Amazon customers since 1995 and have yet to be dissatisfied with the selection or the service.

As for Google ads, those we have less control over, but we love Google and will continue to run their ads as long as the advertisers they send us do not conflict violently with our tastes. In other words, if the Google folks get lax in their screening, their ads will disappear from our pages.

So, if you're in the market for an iPod or a Mac Mini, something from Amazon, or something you see in the Google ads (like Brother Sebastian's...mmmm....Brother Sebastian's), we'd appreciate your accessing them through our pages. Fair enough?

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