Monday, February 14, 2005

Speaking of Embarrassing Yokelism

Here's something else we’ve been meaning to complain about, even though it’s been running for a couple of months now: that embarrassing Channel 6 promo where John Kniceley and Pat Persaud pretend to be best friends with NBC's Brian Williams. It’s unclear how much time the pair got to spend with Williams, but we hope it wasn’t much, given the lameness of the footage that made it to air.

If you haven’t seen it, the spot features Pat attempting unscripted conversation with Williams. (Anyone unfamiliar with PP’s ad-lib impairment got a nice glimpse last week near the end of one newscast: When the conversation turned to chili, and all she could manage was “I like spicy chili!" It was eerily similar to the scene in "Ancorman" when weatherman Brick Tamland babbles "I love desk" and "I love lamp.")

In the promo, all she can think to ask Williams is a generic question alluding to Husker football, which she follows with lots of giggling like a lovestruck schoolgirl. Luckily for her, Kniceley tries to out-do her by offering up that old saw about Memorial Stadium being the “third-largest city in the state” on a football Saturday. And people wonder why Omaha is perceived as being small-time.


Anonymous said...

whazzup w/persaud's wardrobe??? knicely wears a suit and she dresses like she's taking the family bowling. whatever happened to dressing likea professional woman?....and i thinkn its contagious....tracey madden was wearing a crappy looking leather jacket today.

RICK said...

I don't know, I think it'd be kind of cool to have like an on-air casual Friday-- or maybe even a spirit week like in high school.

newsguy05 said...

if there ever were a slutty preschool teacher, I think she'd wear clothes very much like pat's. and on the note of their promo with williams, i think it makes them look good being all buddy buddy with him only because most people will see that and believe it, sadly enough. they'll believe the two shows (6 news and nightly news) work hand in hand frequently and that the anchors really know williams, and neither one of those things is true. so overall, it works as a promo, but only because it relies on stupidity and Channel 6 just doing some big time "name dropping."

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