Thursday, February 24, 2005

People Who Deserve More Airtime

Lest our little effort here be perceived as devoid of kindness, we now offer a partial list of folks we'd like to see more of...

John Oakey. His switch from weekend sports guy to anchor was just what the doctor ordered for Channel 7's morning show. Unfortunately, he's now been saddled with the virtually unwatchable Elictia Hammond as his co-anchor, meaning less airtime for him and less watching for us. Oakey brings a friendly, hip presence to the screen. If the higher-ups at KETV can't get him a decent co-anchor, they should move him to afternoons/evenings where more people can see him.

Malorie Maddox. Since swooping into town late in 2004, Maddox has awakened the Bix Six morning program, captured a seat next to Mike McKnight in the "Six on Your Side" ambush bus, and made even the insipid "Six Online" segment more palatable. Yes, she needs to lose the fake fingernails, but we've got a fever, and the only prescription is more Malorie!

Sarah Walters. One of only three female weathercasters in Omaha, Walters comes across as pleasant and knowledgeable. And she doesn't act as if the fate of the free world hinges on her forecasts. It's surprising that we don't see more of her during the week. Lord knows she'd be an improvement over Charles Thongklin, whose smarmy presence makes us reach reflexively for the remote.

Pamela Jones. Jones left KETV in August after a decade there. Sporting a master's degree from Northwestern, she was among the best fill-in anchors in town, holding down a solid weekend newscast for several years. From what we understand, she hasn't taken another TV position, so somebody could score a real coup by luring her back on the air.

Trey Jones. Like his "Live at Daybreak" partner Maddox, Jones is ultra-smooth. We've liked this guy's style ever since his days on KFAB radio. He makes his job seems effortless without appearing unengaged. Increasing his profile during the afternoons and evenings could only help WOWT's sluggish efforts in those dayparts, where just about everybody seems to be phoning it in these days.

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Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more on Pamela Jones. She was a treat to see and listen to! Very professional and I personally hoped that she would be around long enough to take Julie's spot if she "retired" to be a full time mom or moved on with Bill somewhere else. Oakey's partner Elitca Hammonds is unwatchable!! John and Andrea had a chemistry onscreen that is not there with her. She does not have the screen presence of either John or Andrea

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