Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh Great, Now We've Gone and Made Travis Cry

So a suit at Channel 3 sends us a "cease and desist" email, apparently because we were using one of KM3's graphics featuring Travis Justice, although it didn't specify any one item. Travis was cc'd on the email, so we're guessing we hurt the little guy's feelings and he complained to the teacher that some meanies were picking on him.

But we're taking it down. We don't think we're legally obligated to (there are dozens of high-profile blogs that link to images in exactly the same way); we just don't post images against the objections of the person pictured or the owner of the image. We're just trying to have a little good clean fun, for what it's worth. (As far as we know, they haven't yet copyrighted that.)

If, however, you're one of the five or six people (including Travis) who need a little TJ fix between his on-air appearances, you can still stare at the aforementioned graphic here, which is posted on 3's server for all the world to, um, enjoy.

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