Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Knicely Tasered Rip-Off?

We haven't yet watched John Knicely's televised tasering (that's why God made News on One), but an alert reader confirms our suspicion that we'd seen this story before. Channel 3's Michelle Bandur did it over a year ago, getting zapped so you wouldn't have to. Maybe this is going to become one of those first-baby-of-the-New-Year stories that everybody does periodically. We hope not, but nothing can maximize the badness of a bad idea like local TV news.

Since we're on the topic of sweeps-related matters, the aforementioned alert reader also points out that KMTV has politely sidestepped the sweeps-inspired sensationalism that we've seen on Channels 6 & 7. So mad props, as the kids say, to the KM3ers. It's hard not to jump on the "Carpet Fibers Are Killing Our Children" bandwagon, but we appreciate that at least one station has resisted the temptation, even though it gives us less to make fun of here. Let's just say that "For What It's Worth" more than makes up for it.

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