Thursday, February 10, 2005

Kloss' Poop Scoop

Just as promised, Carol Kloss waded bravely into the seedy underworld of the restaurant and found the poop, literally. Some of our favorite lines from her "Restaurant Inspections" report:
• Kloss: "Are these still mouse dropping back here?"
• "Pest Expert" Dennis Ferraro (describing the aforementioned turds): "You have the white ones, which means they're very old, and the black here, shiny, that's fairly fresh." (Mmmmm....fresh.)
• Ferraro (describing a pile of gray matter on the floor): "That's much bigger than a mouse, and it's not the color of a mouse." (We've heard this on dates, too, and more than once.)
• Ferraro (speaking for all of humanity): "There should be very little tolerance for rodents, especially the house mouse." (Meanwhile, Travis Justice roams the earth with impunity.)

Editor's note: The term "pest expert" apparently means "exterminator" in reporterspeak, although it could refer to anyone visited by Kloss and her camera operator. Do not confuse this term with "expert pest," which also might serve as a fitting descriptor for Old Leather Jacket.

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