Monday, February 14, 2005

How to Cover TV w/o Really Trying

From what we can tell, the OWH has three types of television stories:

• Rainbow Rowell grieving over Simon Cowell (accurately, if not politely) calling Omaha’s Maynard triplets “overweight” on “American Idol”;
• Harold W. Andersen taking a break from his usual kvetching about form letters that misspell his name to complain about some writer’s reference to reality TV; and
• Sunday’s “TV Q&A,” column, which answers burning questions like “What happened to Lamont from ‘Sanford and Son’?”

God forbid that they’d actually assign someone to the TV and/or radio beat. If nothing else, you think they’d find a way to dredge up an obscure “Omaha connection” to network shows once or twice a week (“Wendell Ginderstone, who is now in his third season as Assistant to the Key Grip on ‘Regis and Kelly,’ is married to the former Julie Flandlehadgett, whose cousin Larry Minxster works in the northwest Omaha circulation office of the World-Herald! Larry and his wife Velda got to meet Regis’s personal assistant on a recent trip to New York!”).

Click here for Sunday's TV Q&A.

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