Friday, February 11, 2005

And You Thought Your Job Was Depressing

Imagine being in charge of programming at a television station and thinking that Travis Justice is the answer to your problems. Or knowing that he is you best hope. Then again, when you've been recruiting your talent from KPTM, it all probably just seems like one really long bad dream. Honestly, can you imagine how weird this meeting must've been?

"Umm, yeah, I've decided that what people really want is to hear what Travis Justice thinks about the issues of the day."

"What a great idea! That's just the sort of 'outside the box' thinking that's going to propel us to the top!"

May we assume that the person who came up with this stroke of programming genius also decided that televising karaoke from Harrah's would be an audience-grabber?

It might be more fitting for the KM3 gang to exchange "Clear, Accurate, and to the Point" for "Clearly Out of Ideas."


Matt_X said...

now all he needs are some nice hairplugs.

2whom said...

This is a good (and welcome) blogsite. I happened onto it trying to find out what happened to dean wysocki. The Old Lady and I have a few light moments seeing who drycleans their clothes with regularity among tv "personalities" and wonder what their salaries are.

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